Best 12 volt Golf Cart Batteries You Should Buy In 2022

If you want to spend a long time on the golf court and want to keep your cart going, you must invest in a good battery.

In that case, any of the best 12-volt golf cart batteries will take less space and more power compared to a 6v battery. However, not all batteries can provide more power. 

Unfortunately, picking the best one is not child play. You need to invest a lot of time and effort and consider various related factors.

Our expert team has done all the hard work for you and invested their time to review some good batteries. Stick to the end of this honest review content to find the best one for your golf cart to keep running all day.

When to Replace Golf Cart Batteries

The effectiveness of the batteries is related to their shelf life. The batteries eventually break down as it is getting older and older.

As the strength of the batteries are not the same as it was before, your cart will face some issues. You need to notice them and replace the batteries if needed to avoid sudden hazards.

1. Longer charging time:

The chemicals inside the batteries have their specific shelf life. The performance of batteries gradually decreases when it is in regular use.

Even if the charger does its best to charge the batteries, they will take a longer time to be charged. Usually, golf cart batteries need to be charged overnight to provide full power to the vehicle the next day.

If the batteries take more time to be charged, you should replace them, as the cells of the battery break down eventually over time, and some batteries may not be fully charged as well.  

2. The hills will feel like mountains:

Golf carts are not made to run through the vast hills, but they should brisk through small knolls. You need to replace your trojan golf cart batteries if the following scenario occurs—

When you need to press the accelerator forcefully all the way, when small hills take more power from the cart and it cruises afterward on the downhill, you need to replace the battery.

3. Accessories cannot work well:

Most of the carts have some accessories, like a radio, CD player, refrigerator, air conditioners, etc. You can check these components whether are working smoothly or not.

If they work well, you don’t need to worry, but if they fail or hesitate to power up, your battery may not be in good condition.

Deal with it immediately as the accessories only draw away the power if the power source does not have enough strength.

4. The cart won’t respond quickly:

Golf carts usually start wheezing off as soon as hitting the gas and it should run smoothly when you press the pedal softly.

It should hit the top speed if the battery condition is good. But, when the battery doesn’t have enough strength, the cart will take a longer time to accelerate and may face difficulty while climbing the hills.

You need to replace the battery if problems occur frequently.

5. Hesitation under feet:

The golf carts are usually responsive to your command. If you face the following situations, replace the battery as early as possible—

If the acceleration takes more than two seconds to occur after pressing the pedal, if the brakes are not as responsive as before, if the electrical systems do not respond timely, you should take a look at the battery and replace it.

6. You cannot get much distance:

Usually, a Best golf cart covers a few miles on average. When the battery is in a good condition, it can easily cover about seven miles without recharging.

As the battery loses its strength, it won’t cover as much distance as you desire. When you notice any sign of trouble, do not go further, consider getting back and quit using it for the day, because the carts are heavy and giant so you can not push it and get back to the club, this idea won’t work at all.

7. You will notice visual signs:

When your battery is about to die, you will see visible issues frequently. The old batteries will slow the cart down, also, they may expand, bulge, or even get cracks.

You need to handle them carefully, do not forget to wear gloves. Your batteries may also get corroded at the top indicating the weakness of the battery.

Hit the bump of your cart and see if the power changes or not, if you gain or lose power, carefully clean the battery.

The golf cart battery can leak acid when they are going to die, it is a dangerous sign and can damage the other parts of the cart.

8. Low voltage after overnight charging:

If you charge the batteries overnight, it should work excellently the next day. In case of a damaged, old battery, you won’t get the proper voltage that is required for your cart to run smoothly.

Some carts need even more voltage than regular ones, so, if the batteries are running out, they won’t work at all.

These are the most common issues you will notice if the batteries are at their end-of-life point. As soon as you see one or more occurrences mentioned above, maintain or replace the batteries immediately to prevent the further hassle.

  1. Increased Charge Time
  2. Loss of Distance
  3. Acceleration and Power
  4. Physical Wear on the Battery
  5. Voltmeter Test
  6. What To Look Out For When Purchasing a Battery

Before you go to buy a golf cart battery, you need to research some details so that you won’t get confused and end up buying the wrong battery for your cart.

Here are some factors you should consider that determine the performance and quality of a battery—


Heavier batteries are comparatively more stable than lighter ones to your cart and also, they are less likely to cast off the cart while it is in motion.

However, too many heavy batteries will add extra weight and can slow the speed. The perfect-weighted battery can balance both issues.

Battery Model:

You should choose the battery according to the energy requirements. Golf cart batteries come in three categories—

Flooded lead-acid batteries: They are based on sulphuric acid and contain lead plates. You can regenerate the lost electrolytes by changing the water.

Gel lead-acid batteries: They are sealed units and use a thickening agent to put still the electrolytes. They can work smoothly and manage rough terrain.

AGM lead-acid batteries: They are made of a fiberglass separator that keeps the electrolytes in place. Also, they can resist vibrations and withstand rough use.

All these batteries have different characteristics and performance, so pick the one that meets your needs.

Used or Unused:

You can get the best performance from a battery if It’s new. It is recommended to buy a battery that is not more than 6 months old, otherwise, there will be a risk of defects of your cart that may not be dug up while purchasing.

You can determine the date by a stamp labeled on the metal part of the battery.


The reseller or manufacturer-issued warranty is a must thing while purchasing a battery. Also, there may be some hidden clauses that can invalidate the warranty.

Before buying a golf cart battery, take your time, understand the conditions mentioned in the warranty card, and also, don’t forget to read its fine print as well.


The amperage usually measures the power capacity of a battery and discerns how much power the battery will use while the cart is running.

The more available amperage, the longer-lasting will be your battery performance. The amperage is displayed on the battery per hour as ‘Ah’.


You can find batteries that come with 6,8 and 12 volts. It refers to the strength of the batteries. You can look for the manufacturer’s specifications to know the voltage requirement of your cart.

Also, you can increase or decrease the voltage of the battery according to your needs.

Dimensions and Terminals:

While buying a battery, you need to make sure whether the physical dimensions of the battery fit into the space or not. Also, the number of terminals, battery cables are required in order to be checked as well.


You should find a battery that is worth the money. There are many cost-effective battery models that can provide an excellent job.

Also, try to consider the energy rate, capacity, battery type, and other details with the price as well.

If you can’t find any suitable battery model that matches the budget, keep patience and don’t buy used batteries, because they won’t last long. You can also find the best budget golf cart batteries in the list mentioned above.

You can look for these factors either from the seller or from an online store. Once you have an overall idea about a golf cart battery, you are good to go and purchase the best golf cart batteries that fit your requirements.

Lithium Golf Cart Battery vs Lead Acid Golf Cart Battery Talking Points 

Since the market is saturated, you will find different types of batteries. Among them, Lithium and lead-acid are leading the market. So which one should you pick? Well, let’s have a discussion to find the best one.


The weight of the battery has an impact on the speed of the cart. If the battery consumes more space and increases the speed, the cart cannot reach its maximum speed.

On the other hand, a small and lightweight battery can help the cart get its highest rate.

Compared to the Lead Acid golf cart battery, the Lithium battery weighs half. Also, it takes less space than the Lead-acid battery.

So to enhance the speed and performance, a Lithium battery will be better.

Life cycle

The life cycle depends highly on the charge cycle. An average lithium battery has a charge cycle of 2,000 to 5,000 times.

On the other hand, a lead-acid battery can deliver a maximum of 500 to 1,000 charging cycles. That means the lithium battery will provide a better life cycle.


People don’t like maintenance at all. For that, lithium batteries have gained massive popularity. The reason is, it requires little to no upkeep whereas lead-acid batteries require regular maintenance.

Charging speed

To run the cart, you have to charge the battery. If it takes too much time to charge the battery, you cannot enjoy the fun of playing golf.

Both the batteries offer good charging speed. However, lithium batteries have a better charging speed compared to lead-acid batteries.

In general, a lithium battery takes half an hour to be charged at an 80% level. On the flip side, it takes around 8 hours for the lead-acid battery to be fully charged.

Battery compatibility

Some golf carts are compatible with lead-acid batteries whereas some are good with lithium. In that case, you have no option but to pick the compatible one.

If you want to install lithium batteries, it will take additional installation costs. So in terms of compatibility, choosing the compatible one will be a good choice.

Best 12-volt golf cart batteries

We found some of the great tops picks for you which you can variably choose according to your preference. Without any further ado, let’s jump in:

1. ML35-12 – 12 Volt 35 AH SLA Battery

ML35-12 - 12 Volt 35 AH SLA Battery- Mighty Max Battery Brand Product

943 Reviews

  • ML35-12 SLA is a 12V 35AH Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) rechargeable maintenance free battery

  • Dimensions 7 68 inches x 5 16 inches x 7 13 inches Listing is for the Battery and Screws only No wire harness or mounting accessories included

  • SLA / AGM spill proof battery has a characteristic of high discharge rate wide operating temperatures long service life and deep discharge recover

  • Rechargeable battery that can be mounted in any position resists shocks and vibration Long lasting high performance in high and low temperatures

The ML35-12 SLA Battery is one of the best 12-volt golf cart batteries you can have right now. It comes with a high discharge rate function that allows you to charge the battery faster.

You can quickly charge your battery without investing much time and running the cart.

Its deep discharge recovery enables you to use the battery for a long time. With a single charge, you can drive your cart for a long time.

Besides, the SLA design allows you not to add regular water to the acid. This ensures less maintenance. Also, this design prevents any spill-off that keeps the area clean and makes the cleaning easier.

The wide operating temperatures make the battery suitable for versatile use. You can use the battery for different devices or machines. With its Long service life design, you can expect a decent life span from the battery.

You can mount the battery in any position for its unique design as well. With its shocks and vibration-resistant function, it will work smoothly in any position. 

Unfortunately, you won’t get any mounting accessories or wires that make it a little bit odd to use. You need to purchase the wire and other mounting hardware separately to mount the battery.

Apart from that, this one is a top-class battery to have for your golf cart.


  • Deep recovery time ensures a long-lasting charge
  • High discharge rate for fast charging
  • SLA design for less maintenance
  • Easy to mount that reduces the hassle


● No mounting wire or accessories

2. Weize 12V 55AH Deep Cycle Battery

Weize 12V 55AH Deep Cycle Battery UB12550 for Power Scooter Wheelchair Mobility Emergency UPS System Trolling Motor

313 Reviews

  • TL1255/FP12550 is a Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery; Dimension: 9.02*5.43*9.06 inch. Parcel: 1x Battery (screws included, not included wire harness or mounting).

  • Used For Solar Panel Wind Energy Storage, Wheelchair, Mobile Scooter, Trolling Motor, Industrial and Medical Equipment, Electric Vehicles, Golf Carts,

  • General Purpose for John Deere Lawn Tractor-Riding Mower 108, Bruno PWC 23002310 U1 Wheelchair, Pride Mobility Jazzy Select 6, MINNKOTA Trolling, ect.

  • Valve Regulated, Apill-Proof AGM Battery; With a 30 day refund policy.

Our next pick is FP12550 will offer an exceptional service life and superior performance in both cyclic and float applications. It is one kind of rechargeable battery mechanized with sealed lead acid. You will get tension-free operation all the time.

Plus, here used an Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology to lessen weight and improve reliability. Once again, the design is valve regulated that requires no constant maintenance.

As it holds a charge well, you will find its ideal use in a wide range of sectors including enclosed and indoor environments.

The charging mechanism is wet and full of electrolyte gel. It helps you charge faster and gets fewer damages when overcharged.

Finally, with its calcium-alloy grid along with state-art technology, you can achieve a superior performance all the time.


  • Sealed lead configuration for split-free operation
  • Lightweight and reliable design
  • Less maintenance to eradicate hassle and effort
  • Fast charging to save time


● The post position is backward

3. ExpertPower 12v 33ah

ExpertPower 12v 33ah Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery [EXP1233 ]

882 Reviews

  • Genuine ExpertPower Battery - The Most Trusted And Highest Reviewed Sealed Lead Acid Batteries On Amazon

  • Battery Type - 12 Volt 33Amp/10 Hour Sealed Lead Acid Battery

  • Quality Assurance - Crafted Wtih A Rugged Construction, Our SLA Batteries Are Ultra Durable And Utilize Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Technology Which Provides A Wide Temperature Range.

  • User Friendly - Easy, One-Time Installation Of Our Maintenance Free and Valve Regulated Batteries Will Get Your System Or Application Running In No Time At All.

When you need a durable and tough 12v golf cart battery, consider ExpertPower 12v battery. It offers a Sealed Lead Acid design. That means the electrolyte coagulated sulfuric acid to ensure less acid splitting.

With their rugged construction, these SLA batteries will last longer and handle more pressure. The material can withstand shock, vibration, and chemicals easily.

You will have Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Technology. It allows you to install the batteries at an odd angle. Also, it ensures less acid splitting.

You can also enjoy maintenance-free operations. Its lightweight and compact design will take less space in the cart to installing. Also, carrying and storing becomes easier here.

Unfortunately, you won’t get much battery life from this brand. It may cause you problems if you want a long-lasting battery.


  • Less maintenance for its sealed design
  • Rugged construction prolongs durability
  • Easy installation for less hassle
  • Comfortable storing and carrying


● Less battery life compared to other batteries.

4. NPP NP12-35Ah 12V 35Ah

NPP NP12-35Ah 12V 35Ah 12Volt Rechargeable Deep Cycle Sealed Lead Acid Battery 

19 Reviews

  • CERTIFICATION - 12V 35ah have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, and UL Certified

  • BATTERY TYPE - 12V 35Ah Rechargeable AGM Lead Acid Battery With Button Style Terminals

  • APPLICATION - 12V 35ah apply for Alarm System, Emergency Lighting System, Firefighting Equipment, Standby Power Supply and Telephone Switching System,

  • RUGGED DESIGN - The battery case of 12V 35ah is made from a Non-Conductive ABS plastic, Strong Resistance to Shock, Vibration, Chemicals, Weather and Heat.

Up next is the NPP 12v 35Ah Rechargeable battery that offers high performance and quality service. It features AGM Lead Acid technology to ensure odd and easy installation to any angle.

With the Button Style Terminals, connecting the battery with the cart becomes easier. You will get non-conductive ABS plastic construction.

It will resist strong resistance against Vibration, shock, Chemicals, and tough weather. For the golf cart, having a durable construction is important to use.

Since it offers less splitting, you need less to no maintenance. You can enjoy using the batteries with less hassle. With its Fine Fiberglass Mat, the acid gets absorbed between plates and thereby.

Also, it ensures more reliability to use. However, this battery is not lightweight like the previous one. It may cause a problem carrying or storing the battery when not in use.

So overall, the NPP 12v battery can be the best option to pick for your golf cart.


  • Odd angle and easy installation
  • Resistance to shock, weather, and chemical
  • Less to no maintenance for comfortable use
  • Easy to use for everyone


● Heavyweight that makes it tough to carry


1. When to Replace Golf Cart Batteries

Electric golf carts require rechargeable batteries and that’s why it is important to know when the batteries need to be replaced or recharged. Here are some factors that will indicate the battery needs to be replaced.

When the golf cart takes a longer time than usual to charge the battery, the battery may not be in good condition. If the cart can not cover 6-7 miles, or face difficulty while climbing the hills, the battery is not in a good condition.

Also, the cart won’t reach your desired speed if the battery loses its strength. When you have such problems while operating the cart, you need to replace the battery.

2. What is The Voltage Requirement of My Cart?

The voltage requirement of your cart is usually around 3.0-3.2V, but you can turn the voltage up gradually if there is a larger hole or 2 small holes.

It is not recommended to go over 3.3-3.8V as too much voltage may burn the coil. However, if your cart contains a ceramic-based coil that can withstand more voltage, you can increase the voltage and have a satisfying puff.

3. Can You Use a Marine Battery in a Golf Cart?

Yes, you can use Marine batteries in your golf cart as both of them are lead-acid batteries made for deep cycling purposes, but you will notice some changes in the performance if you use marine batteries in the golf cart—

● You will need to replace the battery more frequently.

● You will need to maintain a lower temperature while charging the battery.

● The sensitive components of your cart may be damaged.

So it is always better to use gel batteries for golf carts instead of marine batteries.

4. How Long Do Batteries for Golf Carts Last?

 It is said that, if you properly maintain and follow some tips, the battery packs will last for at least 5 years, even the private owners tend to use the batteries for about 6 to 10 years.

Also, you can travel longer distances while it is charged and maintained properly.  

5. Why Is the Battery for Golf Cart Draining So Quickly?

The reasons why batteries of golf carts drain quickly are below—

1. The battery may not have adequate water,

2. The connectors may be corroded or have loose wires,

3. The cart may be placed in a cold area.

If you fix these issues, the performance of the batteries will be developed.

Final Words:

The best 12-volt golf cart batteries will deliver high performance and excellent value for your cart. People often make the mistake of purchasing cheap 12v batteries and suffer in the long run.

So you don’t make the mistakes, we have portrayed some good batteries for you with their goods and bads.

By following the review and instructions, you can comfortably pick the best 12v battery for your golf cart. It will change your experience of golfing.