5 Best Disc Golf Cart Ever | Reviews and Buying Guide

Disc golf carts these days are adopting new designs and facilities. The typical old-school ones aren’t up to the mark, and you know that too.

However, in the world of low-end duplicates, you can still buy something that shows off modern design and still feel like it just doesn’t fit you.

Some golf carts aren’t durable, while the other ones don’t even come with height adjustability settings. Do you even know that you can get ‘foldable options’ as well?

You can get all these amazing features only if you get yourself the best disc golf cart. And that’s what we’re going to make sure you get today.

Just read the reviews, and you’ll be good to go.

Comparison Table





MVP Disc Sports Golf Cart


Dynamic Discs Disc Golf Cart


Rovic RV1D 3-Wheel Disc Golf Push


Gotta Go Gotta Throw GO CART




Reasons to Buy a Disc Golf Cart

When was the last time you’ve wasted money for nothing, and how do you feel about that? Well, we guess your answer is nothing closer to being ‘satisfied.’

In case you don’t want to have the same feeling while getting a disc golf cart, we say you get a clear picture of why you need one in the first place. Let us help you out with that.

Improves Your Game

It makes your game better. How? When you’re losing less of your energy while carrying the heavy backpack around, it’ll get easier to focus more on making the game better.

Helps with Putting

The cart will help you with increasing your putts. When you’re putting while having a Golf bag on your shoulder, it’s kind of obvious that you’ll lose precision.

We say you take the cart with you to get rid of that hassle once and for all.

Provides a Place for Relaxation

Being on your feet can too make you feel exhausted. If you’re getting a cart with a seat, you can have a place to sit and relax before going ahead with the game.

Carries Water

Disc golf is a game that requires plenty of physical effort. So, clearly, you’ll need to wet up the throat at times. But carrying bottles ain’t easy, especially when you know water can make your bag heavier than ever.

So, it’s better to let the cart carry the extra burden for you.

5 Best Disc Golf Cart Reviews

You can’t wait to grab your finest cart, can you? Well, let’s not test your patience then. Here come our top 5 disc golf carts, starting with –

1. MVP Disc Sports Golf Cart

Do you know the beauty of simplicity? It somehow makes its own space no matter where you put it. It seems things are quite the same for the Golf Cart from MVP Disc Sports too.

At first, the makers have taken out all the possibilities of you facing any hassle with the cart space. So, they’ve made it in a way where no matter what kind of standard-sized bag you love to carry, it can hold almost any of them.

Plus, the low center of gravity makes tipping closer to impossible.

And don’t you worry about the color fading away any sooner. After all, the heat-treated powder-coating finish ain’t like anything you see in all those low-end disc golf carts.

Plus, the tube and plate come with an Aluminum construction which makes it so tough that covering all those terrains will be easy as pie.

By the way, are you planning to count it among the heavy carts? We say – DON’T even thinks about it. This Rover Disc Golf Cart weighs less than 11lbs.

Now don’t say it’s heavy for you because we know you can handle it perfectly. All you need to do is pull, and the foam tires will do the rest.

In case you get thirsty, it’s got two large drink holders as well to hold enough water for you. But what you’re going to love the most about its adjustable handle is that you can extend it up to 51″. 

And when you get back home, don’t forget to collapse it and put it in the trunk. After all, the height goes right to 1 ft. to ease up the storage.


  • Capable of occupying almost any bag
  • Pretty low chance of tipping
  • Comes with an adjustable handle
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Dual holder for carrying bottles


  • Has no assembly instruction

2. Dynamic Discs Disc Golf Cart

If you’re a fan of Zuca disc golf cart, then we bet you’re going to love this one on our list too. After all, it’s tough not to like something as versatile as the Disc Golf Cart of Dynamic Discs.

This awesome cart got so many features in its arsenal that it’s difficult to pick one to start with. But if you ask us, we say you better check out its weight carrying capacity in the first place.

After all, who wouldn’t be surprised when the number is 300 lbs? Thanks to its sturdy and patented frame for making that possible.

So, how big are your backpacks going to be? Well, it doesn’t matter as the dimension of 9″ X 12″ X 19″ can easily occupy most of the sizes. By the way, if you really need a cart for your other backpacks, too, then feel free to use it there as well.

And if you think you’re too tall to get a convenient cart with the right size, the 51″ telescoping handle will make sure that you do not have that feeling anymore.

Can we ask you a question? Do you get tired more often? Well, if you do, then this cart can simply turn into a seat that you can use to let yourself have some time to rest.

And once you’re done with the game, just take the tires out and store the cart anytime you want.

From tires – when you’re rolling on tough terrains, having the right tires also matters more than you think. Thankfully this one got tubeless foam tires to handle that perfectly.

So, along with putting issues, you won’t have to think about anything else for a while, at least.

And the bearing maintenance? You don’t need to take a headache on that, too; the makers got it sealed wheel bearings. So, all you’re going to get is a smooth ride.


  • Boasts a carrying capacity of 300 lbs
  • Comes with a sturdy and patented frame
  • 51″ telescoping handle ensures height adjustability
  • The tubeless foam tires help with rough terrains
  • Sealed wheel bearings require no maintenance


  • Doesn’t have the most comfortable seat

3. Rovic RV1D 3-Wheel Disc Golf Push

Are you missing the mainstream carts already? Well, you won’t have to anymore because the third one on our list can actually function like one.

Yes, we’re talking about the RV1D Disc Golf Push Cart from Rovic.

If you’re looking for a solid place to keep your backpacks while playing disc golf, then count this one among the perfect ones.

The first reason for that is its Aluminum tubing which has made it so durable that you won’t have to think of swiping the card for another one in for a while.

On top of that, its lightweight construction has literally made it a piece of cake to move around with. A fair share of thanks goes to its maintenance-free airless tires as well. After all, they’re what will help you to deal with any tough terrain.

And if you’re a ‘compactness’ lover, then be ready to give it a hug because you can simply fold it and turn it into an object with the size of 13” x 15” x 24”. So, say goodbye to your tension for storage and transportation.

But what often disc golfers like you face is the problem with the valuables they carry with them. But team Rovic has figured out a solution for that too and has given the cart storage for your valuables like key rings, wallet, etc.

Wait a minute! Don’t think we’re done yet. We still haven’t told you about its amazing umbrella mount, parking hand-brake, and XL cup holder.

Now whether you need a place to keep your cup or umbrella, RV1D got it all covered for you.


  • Comes with a durable construction
  • Foldable for easy transportation and storage
  • Lightweight and easy to roll
  • Easy to maneuver in tough terrains
  • Equipped with extra storage spaces


  • The collapsing process is not too easy

4. Gotta Go Gotta Throw GO CART

So, for how long are you planning to give your shoulders ache with your heavy backpack? But if you’ll put it down, something at least has to carry those things of yours, right? Well, we say you better give that job to the GO CART from Gotta Go Gotta Throw.

Too many ‘go’s, huh? Just kidding! The name might sound like a humorous one, but it has come here to take care of some serious disc golf business.

At least its versatility is saying so. It’s simply a backpack holder and stool at the same time. So, now you don’t need to shed any cash on two different products anymore.

But at times, we see similar products not being so focused on extra pockets. Thankfully, the makers of this one didn’t make the same mistake. So, you won’t have to worry about reaching your mini, putters, or scorecard quickly, at least.

Now the biggest challenge is maneuvering something like that on the terrains. Well, things are pretty much eased up here with a comfortable grip and, of course, large wheels. So, before you can call it hard-to-move, we say you give it a try first.

And the bottom shelf? The makers don’t know the size of your bag. So, they’ve made it in a way where you can put almost any size, whether it’s small, medium, or large.

But what if your bag pops out of it? Well, that’s kind of impossible as the Velcro tabs are there to keep it secured.

By the way, if initially, it looks like you’ll have to struggle to reach the bags, then we say you cut that thought out. The seat is not only cushioned but hinged as well.

So, if you need your access, all you need to do is just flip it. And don’t get started on the durability as it’s made of heavy-duty aluminum.


  • Works as both backpack holder and stool
  • Comes with pockets in the backrest
  • Large wheels and comfortable handle ease up maneuvering
  • Made of durable and heavy-duty aluminum
  • Hinged seat makes access easier


  • A little difficult to store

5. Dynamic Discs EZ Cart

Maybe you’ve already checked out the Crosslap Cubus disc golf cart or R3 disc golf cart but couldn’t go with the big price tag. In that case, why don’t you just try a hand on the EZ Cart from DYNAMIC DISCS.

The first thing you’ll probably fall in love with is its frame. Damn! It’s literally a pile of sturdiness. But it would’ve been nothing but useless if it didn’t have the ability to fit large specialized backpacks with ease.

So, do you love going off-road more often? Well, that ain’t going to be a problem for its tubeless foam tires that are made to handle all terrains.

Now, it’s on you if you’re going to take it on the sand, snow, rock, or any other harsh terrain. Just grab the 51″ adjustable telescoping handle and start rolling.

By the way, when you need to get it stored, feel free to take out wheels as they’re perfectly removable. And don’t hold yourself back to give it a rough journey as its gear platform has the required ability to carry the additional load.

One more thing! To keep it all plain and hassle-free for you, the makers didn’t forget to use sealed wheel bearings. So, not only you’ll get a smooth ride, but you also can keep up with low maintenance.


  • Comes with a sturdy frame
  • Capable of holding large, specialized backpacks
  • Tubeless foam tires can roll on all terrains
  • Sealed wheel bearings help with low maintenance
  • Equipped with 51” telescoping handle


  • Doesn’t have a seat

What to Look for in a Disc Golf Cart Before You Buy?

Come on! It ain’t anything like cutting the wire of an active bomb. So, stop treating it like one. Along with all the other reasons for golf disc being better, ease on picking up golf disc accessories is worth counting too.

When you know how to pick the right cart up, we bet you won’t regret kissing your used disc golf cart goodbye for sure. All you need to do is check a few things out like –


Indeed money can’t buy everything, but that’s definitely not the case when it comes to getting the best disc golf cart. The more you spend, the better you get, and it starts with getting the cart with the right material.

Maybe you’re not into getting all those metal-made carts as they’re going to be heavy. But to be honest, grabbing plastic-made carts will do no good to you too.

Yes, they’ll be light and cheap. But won’t they be faded and brittle in no time? After all, they’re not made to keep up with the rough external atmosphere you play on.

Then, what to do? We say you go for something made of aluminum, powder-coated steel, treated synthetic materials, or stainless steel. They won’t only be perfect for the long run but can also take bigger weights.


It’s a cart, so obviously, it’s going to have wheels. But the question is what kind of configuration you need to go for.

There are two, three, four-wheeled carts, and each of them has its own pros and cons. But what you need to check out is if it’s giving you smooth maneuverability or not.

Size and Carrying Capacity

How will you feel about having a cart you’ve spent money on not being able to hold your entire bag? Well, your answer is ‘terrible,’ we guess.

Actually, no matter how good the other specs are, it’ll still be useless if you can’t put your bag properly in there.

So, make sure it has the required size to hold your bag or any bag you’re planning to buy later. One more thing! If you’re prone to put heavier things on your carts, then check if it can keep up with that level of weight or not.

After all, you don’t want it to fall apart in the middle of the game, do you?

Height Adjustment

There’s nothing wrong with the one that comes with a rigid height until you’re too tall or short for it. So, let’s just play on the safe side and pick a golf cart that has the scope to bring some changes in the height.

Usually, you’ll get to carts that have a height-adjustable handle. Getting one of those will be perfect too.

Built-in Storage

You’re not planning to get a cart just to carry the discs, are you? Then make sure it’s got some extra storage space too. It’s not that you need it just for your scorecard or valuables. Some carts come with bottle holders, too, so that you don’t roam thirsty while playing.

Ease of Assembling

What is the meaning of getting a cart that will make you regret not being a mechanical engineer when it comes to assembling?

Well, the best way to stay out of that hassle is getting something that will take less of your effort and time while getting assembled.

By the way, if it’s the first time you’re getting a disc golf cart, then check out if it’s coming with clear instructions on that or not. But if the one you’re looking at doesn’t have any, then make sure the assembling is easy, at least.


You’re putting your hands in the pocket for a cart so that things can get easier. But picking a tough nut when it comes to portability, we say you’re just going to make it harder than it already is.

So, it’s better to go for a cart that you can carry around easily and wouldn’t make you feel like you’re dragging a dead elephant with you.

Push VS Pull Disc Golf Cart

Well, let’s not make it a war. There’s no doubt they both got their own share of appeal. But still, they’ve got some differences as well.

When you pull a cart, it takes a bit more energy than the pushing cart, and at times that fraction of energy can change the game.

But that doesn’t mean a push golf cart has no drawbacks. When you’re pushing a cart, then you’ve got a chance of not seeing smaller obstacles, which can make the bag pop out on impact.

Which One Is the Best Disc Golf Cart – Push or Pull?

If you’re a true golfer, then you already know that it’s better to have something that can work in both ways.

So, we say the better disc golf cart is the one that you can both push and pull on the basis of your terrain type.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Q: What is the problem with 4-wheeled disc golf carts?

Indeed, 4-wheeled disc golf carts are among the ideal ones. But the problem is they often come with heavier construction which makes them comparatively slower than the other one. On top of that, they’re kind of expensive too.

2. Q: What if the cart is not foldable or collapsible?

As you’re going to take them to the golf course, obviously you’ll have to put them in your car.

But not having the option for folding or collapsing makes it tough to get them the required room in the trunk unless you’ve got a bigger ride, of course.

3. Q: Does having brakes really matter in a golf cart?

Well, if you’re planning to play on uneven ground, then without brakes, there’s a chance that it might start walking due to the weight.

So, if you don’t want that to happen, it’s better to get one with brakes or have the system stay stable in uneven terrains.

4. Q: How long can a golf cart last?

With the proper care, it can last for years, and at times, occasional use can also make it last longer.

5. Q: What should be the ideal weight carrying capacity for a cart with a seat?

It’s better to have a cart capacity of 250 lbs. at least if it’s got a seat and meant to hold body weight.

Final Words

Found the best disc golf cart already? We personally recommend the  MVP Disc Sports Golf Cart. We think it’s the best overall judging by its features. No wonder it’s in our list number 1.

Now, there are ones that do have some complications when it comes to assembly; however, we think that even if it takes you a bit of time to set them up, the durability and the functionalities of each of them are amazing.

And that’s what you should be focusing on.