Best Golf Balls for Slice With Buying Guide

No other job is as difficult and annoying in the golf field as slicing the golf ball. Sometimes, the golfers miss slicing even though they take much preparation.

However, many golfers are seen as desperate to solve the slicing problem, and we can’t blame those players certainly. 

Slicing miss-related issues are very popular among new golfers and also higher handicappers. Thankfully, many processes are coming to fix the slicing-related issue.

Among them, playing with a low spin ball offers a great job in correcting slicing miss-related issues. 

In this article on the best golf balls for a slice, we enlist eight golf balls that hopefully fix a slice. We will share our research findings on those golf balls; hence you can take a quick decision. 

8 Best Golf Balls for Slice

There are many alternatives golf balls are available in the market that will help a golfer fix slicing. We select the 8 best golf balls for a slice in our following discussion hope that you will like those. 

1. Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Ball – Best for Offering Great Accuracy

Our top pick golf ball is made by Bridgestone– a renowned company for delivering high-quality golf products since 1935.

They keep accuracy and distance in their mind while designing this ball. Though we emphasize reducing slices, that’s why it is important to pay attention to accuracy.

Accuracy will help to lower the spin that is generated after striking the ball with a long iron or a driver. 

 When you switch to the BRIDGESTONE GOLF e6 SOFT golf ball, you can feel to gain accuracy, distance, etc. You will get the low driver and long iron spin features for a straighter distance.

Plus, it offers an advanced mantle and a cover – those works together to ensure your great approach and green-side performance. 

Another key feature is its Delta Dimple design in the outer layer. That design will ensure smoother air resistance and greater distance and help your swing to go longer.

Plus, that feature will help to resist pop-ups for the straighter shots on the golf course.

There are 12 balls in each pack. The manufacturer offers two different colors such as white and optic yellow.

Interestingly, the Yellow optic color will ensure great visibility on the green, in the rough and fairway. Therefore, you can easily track the ball’s direction and flight.


  • The offered features will ensure incredible value for money.
  • The price is reasonable.
  •  Provides a good distance off the tee.
  • The mechanism will help to make shots straighter and then minimize slicing.
  • You will find it suitable for multiple swing speeds.


  • It seems too soft on some users.

2. Polara XDS 3-Piece Golf Balls – Best Golf Ball for Improving Game

Our next-pick golf ball is ideal for those who want to improve their game without losing fun. The manufacturer uses Self Correcting technology while designing the ball.

Therefore, the manufacturer claims that ball design will correct your slice and miss-hits by up to 50 percent.

Here you will find an arrow that can use as a compass of sorts. Plus, whatever the direction you intend, you can point that easily.

Interestingly, you can minimize the deviation from the direction indicated by up to 50% using the arrow. The manufacturer aims to make it suitable to ensure fun for the gamers.

Hopefully, the professional also gets a great advantage like maintaining a good degree of control while taking shots on the green.

When you drive them, you will get a good amount of lift. This is because of having enhanced aerodynamic lift. Therefore, the ball will fly high and help to reach your wished long distance.

Moreover, it offers a higher trajectory and a longer carry-on your drives. You may notice two words, “XD,” with the ball’s name.

That name indicates the ball will add extra distance. The size of each ball is over an inch and a half in diameter, and the weight is 46 grams.

The cover of this ball is constructed with ionomer material and complements the 336 dimples (made of the surface). When you buy one box, you will get 12 balls on there. 


  • Delivers better overall performance for most users.
  • Offered blissful performance for most users.
  • Help to cover a longer distance.
  • Having the Self Correcting Technology to slice the ball less.
  • Help to get the intended direction.
  • Offered features are great value for money.


  • Not has a PGA approval tag.

3. Polara Self Correcting golf balls – Best Golf Ball for Severe Slice

Let’s go through another best one named Polara Self Correcting golf balls. Basically, it is a two-piece golf ball that helps those who can’t get their golf shots straightened.

The Polara manufacturer doesn’t produce too many golf balls, but this golf ball model will ensure a great job.

One key feature is this golf ball is the arrow which helps the golfers to point directly to the target when they line up. Plus, that arrow is designed to help golfers to line up and struck those low spin golf balls properly. 

Don’t think it is a magic golf ball; you can slice a ball easily when you play with a Polara golf ball. That’s why we call it best for the golfer who faces a hard time straightening their drives out. 


  • The design is great for a severe slice
  • Low spin
  • Here use alignment technology and capability


  • The price seems a little bit higher than other golf balls.

4. Maxfli StraightFli Golf Balls – Affordable Golf Ball

Now, we review Maxfli StraightFli Golf Balls which offer an excellent job for those who want to fix the slice.

You may know the slice occurs when the golfer adds too much side spin to the ball. Some reasons will help you to remain tension-free when you play with StraightFli.

Maxfli has gone through a lot of tests and engineering while creating this ball and makes it 20% straighter than its previous version.

Another feature that helps to make this ball straighter is the 374 large and small dimples. Those two features are strategically placed on this golf ball.

The dimple will help the golfer in straight flight and better launch as well through alternating in their pattern.

This ball is categorized into a two-piece golf ball that helps to increase the lower spin technology. If you are a new golfer, this Maxfli StraightFli could be an affordable choice for you.

Besides, if you are tired to see the turning of the ball although you are a slicer, you can give the Maxfli StraightFli a shot. 


  • This ball offers lower compression.
  • It provides an excellent job for mid to low swing speed
  • You will get a low spin off the tee.
  • The price is affordable.


  • This two-piece ball doesn’t offer the best feel.

 5. OnCore Avant- Best for Average Player

Although our next pick OnCore Avant golf ball, isn’t the most popular in the market, you can get it for correcting slices. The manufacturer designs this golf ball to offer lots of distance, a tremendous feel, and a mid-compression core to the golfer.  

Here use the mid compression that makes these balls a great choice for those who have a slightly high swing speed. Plus, the OnCore golf ball’s soft cell core assists to have a much lower spin off the tee.

You will find it a distance ball that will ensure your required roll and performance. Notably, the ball’s cover is made of a surlyn material.

Therefore, this ball becomes one of the lower spinning balls on a tee shot. Interestingly, that material will give the golfer some soft feel around the green.

We suggest not using this mid-compression golf ball if you have a very slow swing speed. As an alternative, you can choose a low compression ball.

However, if you are an average golfer and want to eliminate a slice, you can keep this one to consider.  


  • It is a low-spin golf ball.
  • The average golf player will find it great during playing.
  • The cover is made of Surlyn material that will give you some feel.


  • Having no ultra-low compression core.

6. TaylorMade Noodle Golf Balls – Best Cheap Ball For Fixing A Slice

 If you are looking for the best cheap golf ball for a slice, you can consider this TaylorMade Noodle Golf Ball. This golf ball is ideal for the average golfer for those who look to go out and have some fun on the course.

You will find the distance golf balls tag with it. Besides, the manufacturer designs to make it soft around the greens.   

Another key point is the manufacturer uses the Iothane cover on the Noodle which makes the ball durable. Plus, that cover will ensure a better feel around the grass.

Why do we attach correcting a slice tag with this ball? Well, the reason is the manufacturer uses the low spin and the dimple pattern herein.

The dimple pattern on the noodle will ensure some excellent ball flight and decreased drag during playing.

Are you looking for a ball that offers both distance and accuracy? You can tension-freely pick this one because it will satisfy you by offering both features.

The overall discussion indicates the ball will ensure less sidespin. Another feature like affordability makes this product excellent for those that slice.


  • Offer good distance and accuracy.
  • It offers a great job to the average golfer.
  • The Iothane cover on the Noodle makes this gold ball durable.


  • It won’t serve you well if you are looking for high swing speed distance balls.

7. Callaway Supersoft – Best for Anti Slice

You may know the worth part of a slice is losing the distance. Moreover, when your ball starts turning to the right side, therefore your ball can’t increase distance.

However, when you hit the golf ball with a slice-side spin on it, your hit won’t occur through the center of the clubface.

That is why a golfer demands a golf ball that will solve the slicing problem and ensure a good distance performance.

We come with a golf ball named Callaway Golf Supersoft that offers a good distance. The manufacturer uses the lowest compression feature that will ensure tremendous distance performance.

Plus, that feature enhances the ball’s speed and accuracy as well.

Moreover, the manufacturer optimizes a new Low Drag HEX Aerodynamics feature to decrease drag and increase lift for a longer distance.

 The price is affordable and offers multiple colors. Notably, the manufacturer uses an ionomer cover that makes it capable of holding more than one round of golf.

You will find it awesome to shoot in green because it offers a great job to hold on to the green.

Although you wouldn’t find it great as a tour ball, it will help you lower spin and increase ball flight that a slicer needs.


  • Optimize hex aerodynamics to minimize drag.
  • It will help you in low compression.
  • Offers a great variety of swing speeds.


  • The design won’t reduce a slice primarily.

8. Bridgestone 2020 Tour B XS- Best Premium Golf Balls For Slice.

If you are fast swinging and looking for the golf ball that helps you hit the occasional slice, you can choose the Bridgestone Tour B XS. The cover is proprietary reactive urethane that will help you in the perfect shot.

Plus, that cover help to get more distance off the tee and enhance spin and control in the green.

Another feature is dual dimple technology which will minimize drag and offer efficient trajectory. The packet has come with 12 golf balls that are hopefully are well in quantity.

Finally, we recommend this golf ball to those who have a good budget and seek additional feel and performance around the greens.


  • Help to take the perfect shot.
  • It is categorized into a three-piece ball.
  • Offers a great flight.


  • The price is a little bit high.

 Buying Guide for Best Golf Balls for Slice

Golf ball is one of the most critical elements of golf games. The skill and performance of golfers mainly depend on the proper selection of golf balls.

Golfers know that they need good abilities to play well. They also know that they cannot perform well without the right tools.

 For better performance, a golfer must have to find suitable golf balls. All activities of their game affect the balls. To choose suitable golf balls, golfers need to analyze some important factors.

Golf balls consist of several components that change their functionality during golf rounds. The variety of contractions, the number of layers, and the material details give each golf ball a playing class.

The best golf balls are designed to afford excellent greenside control, soft feeling, improve your swing speed and allow the ball to fly long-distance.

Many people are brand-loyal when it comes to balls; there are various kinds of a brand that you should consider when choosing the right ball for you.

Many players are brand-loyal when it comes to hops, but there are many additional terms to think about when choosing the right ball for you.

In this guide, we will discuss different golf ball parts that help you choose the best golf balls for your game.

The Anatomy Of The Golf Ball

To better understand a golf ball’s performance, start with a brief overview of its exercises: roots, covers, and dimples.


The core can have a significant effect on the golf ball’s strength center and spin rate, initial speed, and especially compression. A ball’s compression rating is an effect of how much the ball will compress against the clubface.

A rating of more than 100 compressions is suitable for high swing speed golfers who can run more than 140 feet in the air.

Slow golfers should consider a ball with a compression rating of fewer than 90 feet.


There are two main kinds of golf balls: they are saline and urethane. Beginning in the 1960s, Surlin is a tonometer resin that is stronger and more durable than urethane.

However, it does not produce too much backspin, which can be a hassle for short-handed golfers. Surlin-kaka can be an excellent choice for starting golf balls.

Urethane is softer and usually provides higher spin and improved control. Although quieter than Carlin, skilled golfers often prefer urethane for its shot sizing possibilities.


Your golf ball is covered with tiny diapers, identified as dimples, designed to reduce both drag and ball trajectory.

These may seem simple, but you shouldn’t ignore their importance; a smooth-surfaced golf ball can only travel halfway with dimples.

The dimple types vary depending on the manufacturer and the type of ball you are playing, as well as the total number of dimples as well as their size, shape, and depth, which can affect how the ball can perform in flight.

Most golf balls have 300-400 dimples.

Build golf balls

A key factor when taking a golf ball is the number of pieces in its construction. There are two main options: a two-piece golf ball and a multi-layer golf ball.

  • Two-piece golf balls made with core and covered only. These balls are an excellent option for beginners and golfers with high disabilities. The large center of this design also promotes distance while helping to reduce slices from hooks and tees, which is a common problem for new players. Two-piece ball covers are usually thick and durable to extend the life of the ball. This is an essential feature if you find yourself in frequent contact with complex curves such as tree trunks trees.
  • Multi-layer golf balls are designed for expert players. These balls have extra layers between the cover and the core to improve control, feel, and scalping shots. They have thinner bodies to further enhance spin control and feel.


You know about anatomy and making now, but you’re likely still asking, “What’s the best golf ball for me?” Well, to learn more about the various kinds of golf balls you can choose, you can find the right fit for your game.

Tour Performance:

These multi-layer golf balls are designed for the expert, mid-low-handicapped. The list of core and mantle covers helps boost control and feel, enabling golfers to avoid shots and creating a spin throughout the green.

The slender cover construction can further enhance spin control while Crisp feels the demand of deadly golfers.

Soft feeling:

Soft feelings are often less like abbreviations similar. Low compression can result in further distortion of the ball, which can reduce spin and translate into a straighter flyer on longer flights at lower altitude Golf clubs.

Short iron and long-term contact in marriages can cause soft feelings.


Featuring a rigid cover and multi-layer design, the space balls peculiarity a large center to help carry the load while reducing the spin by exaggerating the slices and hooks.

Separate Yourself From The Pack

If you’re looking for a ball that goes off course, analyze high-visibility or personalized golf balls.


Although they were an innovation in the past, high-sight golf balls are frequently preferred by players of all skill levels.

These chains can be easy to track in the air and on the ground, helping you quickly identify your shots.

The upper visa section continues to develop with bold new designs, colors, and matte finishes. Most top-selling of today’s golf balls are now ready in high viscosity colors. Learn more with our high-visibility golf ball guide.


You can affix your own name, initials, favorite quotes, or funny words in order to personalize golf balls.

Personalization is found on most kinds of balls and is one of the most popular gifts for golfers.

This time you have a better idea of the physiology and structure of golf balls, and you know the distinction between different types of golf balls; you are ready to find the best one for you!


Are Cut golf balls any good?

We find the performance of the Cut Golf ball is better than other tour-level and the cost is relatively higher as well.

The cut matte line will offer great service for the golfer who likes a bold look or seeks to visualize their golf ball while playing.

Should I use soft or hard golf balls?

A Low-compression ball typically seems to be soft and helps compress more easily. That feature will help slower swing speeds and create more distance, allowing the beginner and higher handicap players.

On the other hand, the higher-compression ball seems hard and helps those who like faster swing speed. Plus, the higher-compression ball will help to get better control. 

Does a strong grip fix a slice?

You need to focus on your left-hand position on the club and then strengthen it if you hit many slices. Many golfers believe that the hand position has to mirror each other.

But, when you strengthen your left-hand grip and simultaneously the right will close the clubface too much at impact.

Do softer golf balls go further?

The softer golf balls will help you reach a further distance from the tee for lower swing speed players. But, we find only around 5 yards gap across the whole range of ball types.

That’s why you have to fit your ball to the irons, at first, and then fit the driver to your preferred ball. That position hopefully helps you to maximize distance.

Are vice golf balls good?

Over the past few years, vice golf has occupied one of the leading brands in the golf ball market.

One study conducted by vice reveals that the vice golf balls are good, if not better than Titleist golf balls.

Each of the golf ball versions from vice competes nicely that Titleist offers at a fraction of the price.

Conclusive Discussion:

Above all, we can hope that now you know all about the best golf balls for slices.  We tried and researched a lot to explain the whole thing simply and easily.

If you have any questions, then feel free to knock us by the comment box. We will try to appreciate your queries ASAP.