The Top 10 Best Golf Cart Cover – Honest review

Keeping your cart safe from condensation, rainwater, sunlight, and other wetness is tough. Not everyone has got a garage to keep the cart.

In that case, having a golf cart cover can solve the problem. However, choosing the best golf cart cover is somehow daunting.

When you consider the cover’s right size, you may fail to view the cover material. Similarly, some bodies have right quality materials but don’t have easy usability.

Without considering all those factors, it is impossible to get the best cover. If you fail to pick the best one, you will fail to protect your cart from water or light.

Our expert team has spent hours after hours and gone through all the possible cover options for you. Stick to the end of this review content so you can pick the best one.

Is A Golf Cart Cover Worth It?

Temperature, lousy weather, or water can cause damage to your golf cart. Besides, dust, debris, and leaves can damage the coach.

If you do not protect your cart from these, you have to pay the bill for repairing the cart every year. Also, you need to invest money in cosmetics to bring back the right look on the cart. Even it will reduce the resale value of the cart.

To prevent all these from happening, you need to keep your cart protected. Unfortunately, keeping your cart under the shadow is not possible.

A garage can be the right solution, but you cannot use the garage in the golf court. A good cover will be the best solution in that case. You don’t have to invest much to keep your cart in good shape. So yes, a body is worth buying.

10 best golf cart cover

We researched some of the fantastic golf cart covers and so we are going to let you know everything about them below: 

1. Explore Land 600D Waterproof Golf Cart cover

1874 Reviews

Explore Land 600D Waterproof Golf Cart Cover


  • 600D polyester with waterproof coating

  • 4 passenger golf cart cover size: 108L x 48 W x66H inch.

  • Durable superior 600D polyester with waterproof coating construction, 

  • Heavy duty zipper at the left side, easy-to-use, install within seconds. 

  • Adjustable elastic hem cord and bottom buckle strap design prevent the golf cart cover from being blown away.

The Explore Land 600D cover is one of the best covers you can have for your golf cart. As the name implies, the cover is made of 600D polyester.

It delivers superior durability. Also, it features a waterproof coating that will be more tear-resistant and deliver better UV-resistant.

Its heavy-duty golf cart cover is suitable for 4 passenger golf carts. You can use it for most four-person golf carts. With its high-level double stitching, you can expect a durable lifespan.

Besides, its waterproof seam sealing tape will deliver protection against rain, UV, sand, and snow.

Besides, the Heavy-duty zipper is easy to use and install. It takes seconds to install. You will have a bottom buckle and adjustable elastic hem cord. It will prevent your cover from getting blown away. Using the buckle and hem cord is easier as well. 

Apart from that, it features dual air vents. You can achieve better ventilation that will allow you to keep your cart unused for a long time.

Unfortunately, there is no silver or aluminum coating that can reflect the sunlight. Though it offers protection against sunlight a little bit, it would be better if the coating was there.

To conclude, this one will be suitable for the cart if you want protection against dust, rain, UV, or cold.


  • Durable construction for longevity
  • Easy to use zipper
  • Additional buckle and hem cord
  • Durable stitching


  • No coating for sunlight reflection.

2. Covermates Golf Cart Cover

74 Reviews

Covermates Golf Cart Cover - Weathertite Prime Polyester - Weatherproof and Durable


  • DURABLE FEATURES: Built-in drawcords providing a secure fit, double stitched seams for lasting durability, built-in covered mesh vents promoting airflow

  • TOUGH MATERIAL: Made from water resistant 300D woven polyester for durable dirt, water,

  • SATISFACTION WARRANTY: 3-year manufacturer warranty

  • SIZE: 108L x 48W x 68H

  • Don’t let the harsh elements wreak havoc on your investment;

Made of durable polyester- the Covermates Golf Cart Cover comes into the market to deliver extreme protection to your cart.

The golf cart rain cover is made from durable 300D woven polyester that delivers decent water resistance. Also, it protects against durable dirt and UV to enhance the lifespan of your cart. 

You will have Built-in drawcords that ensure a secure fit. It won’t blow away during the heavy wind for this protection. With its double-stitched seams, you can expect a longer lifespan from the cover.

The built-in covered mesh vents will promote proper airflow so that you can store the cart for a long time. In addition, its weather-resistant zipper will make access easier.

You can quickly remove the cover and start using the cart. Similarly, you can easily cover the cart to store.

The cover is lightweight yet still durable. Due to its lightweight design, using the cover becomes easier. For its large size, you can use it for most of the carts. 

On the flip side, there is no door or window on the cover. You need to remove the cover to get into the cart. It seems uneasy for many people. 


  • Heavy-duty materials
  • Drawcords for secure fitting
  • Easy to use zipper
  • Lightweight design


  • No door to enter the cart

3. 10L0L 4 Passenger Outdoor Golf Cart Cover

499 Reviews

10L0L 4 Passenger Outdoor Golf Cart Cover,400D Waterproof Golf Cart Covers with Extra PVC Coating Sunproof fits


  • 10l0l Durable Golf Cart Cover WATERPROOF :Golf cart covers made in high strength polyester fabric

  • 4 passenger club car cover made in high strength polyester fabric

  • 4 passenger golf cart cover size :112 inches L x 48 inches W x 66 inches H, suitable for most golf carts with extended 80"L roofs, 2 rear seats, armrests and footrest.

  • Has rear zipper and velcro. Vents in each of the 4 top corners, If you like, you could attach a bungee cord underneath it 

  • Golf cart storage cover light weight and very easy for one person to put off and on . 

10L0L cart cover is one of the best universal golf cart covers to use. It features high-strength polyester fabric construction.

The durability and strength are superior compared to many others. The PU waterproof layer-coated cover will deliver protection against rain and wetness.

Fitting up the cover is another challenge for your cart. It has a 12 x 48 x 66 inches dimension that suits most of the golf carts. You don’t have to panic about the size and fitting at all.

The rear zipper will make using the cover easier. You can easily remove the cover or shed the cart easily. Its Velcro ensures a perfect and secure fit so that it doesn’t blow away with the wind.

In addition, you will get vents in each corner. It will promote enough ventilation and enable you to store the cart for a long time.

The storage cover is lightweight that making it even easier for one person to remove and put on.

Also, it is comfortable to fold up and store. A storage bag will help you store the cover when not in use. It will also help you carry the cover anywhere. 

Since there is no strap or cord to bind the cover, a strong wind may blow the cover. However, due to the elastic at the bottom, general wind cannot harm it anyway.


  • Waterproof coating
  • Lightweight design with a storage bag
  • Suitable for most carts
  • Proper ventilation to prevent heating


  • No strap or cord to bind for strong wind

4. Deluxe 4 Passenger Golf Cart Cover

275 Reviews

Deluxe 4 Passenger Golf Cart Cover roof 80" L Taupe, fits E Z GO, Club Car,


  • magine not having to dust off or clean your 4 passenger golf cart before use. 

  • This is NOT a cheap nylon cover like most others on the market. Constructed of heavy duty UV coated satin Polyester with a double Polyurethane undercoating

  • Double top stitched for durability. Plus we included Grommets along the bottom to allow the cover to be secured or cable locked to cart

  • Convenient rear zipper allows access to cart without removing cover.

  • Fits most standard golf carts with bench seat on back and roof up to 80"L - Color: Taupe

Suitable for storing the cart for a long time- Deluxe 4 Passenger Golf Cart Cover is another masterpiece. It comes with heavy-duty UV-coated satin Polyester materials.

Also, it has double Polyurethane undercoating. With the combination, it provides superior longevity and protection against dust, rain, or UV.

Besides, it’s double topstitched will deliver additional durability. The Grommets along the bottom will help you secure the cover to the cart.

During the windy condition, the cover may blow away which risks the cart. This Grommets will protect the cover from blowing away.

Accessing the cart without removing the cover is easier here. You will get a convenient rear zipper for easy access. Also, it enables you to remove the cover easily when necessary.

With its duffel bag, you can store the cover when not in use or carry it anywhere you want.

The cover prevents mildew with its 4 air vents. It will promote enough ventilation that will prevent heat built-up. As a result, you can store the cart for a long time.

Since the cover comes in a universal size, it will fit most standard golf carts.

The only cons I’ve got is the reflective coating. The cover does not have any reflection coating that can channel the sunlight away for better UV protection. But the cover itself is somehow good at protecting the sunlight.


  • Easy accessing with zipper
  • Offers superior longevity
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Air vents for long-time cart storing.


  • No light-reflecting coating.

5. Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart FadeSafe Enclosure

499 Reviews

Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart FadeSafe Enclosure for E-Z-Go


  • Made in the USA or Imported

  • Crafted from the highest quality material

  • Perfect for outdoor and even indoor use

  • Fade Safe solution-dyed fabric significantly reduces sun bleaching

  • Full protection against weather and wind, Fits over roof and secures with hooks on bottom

When you are looking for the best cover for your golf cart, consider this cover from Classic Accessories. Its Polyester materials will protect the cart from the weather as well as wind.

Also, the construction prolongs durability. The Fade Safe solution-dyed fabric will decrease the sun bleaching to protect the cart. 

Unlike other covers, this one features super-clear window material. You can see outside or inside while covering the cart. With its Zippered doors and panels, you can comfortably get in or off from the cart without removing the cover.

You can even roll back the doors or remove the door completely for more convenience. Due to its universal design, it will fit perfectly over the roof. Its hooks on the bottom will help you fit the cover more securely and protect it from the wind. 

However, the cart cover does not have any vent that disables you from storing the cart for a long time. If you do it without opening the doors regularly, heat may grow up and damage the cart.


  • Solution-dyed fabric for sun protection
  • Polyester construction for durability
  • Zipper doors for easy access
  • Fits perfectly in most carts


  • No vent for air ventilation

6. Kayme 4 Passenger Golf Cart Cover

292 Reviews

Kayme 4 Passenger Golf Cart Cover, 4 Layers Heavy Duty Outdoor Cover


  • 【High-quality Material】 Kayme golf cart cover made of 4 layers heavy duty material.

  • 【Complete Protection】— No matter the hot sun or the cold weather. 

  • 【Windproof Strap】 -- Kayme golf cart tarp have a adjustable strap in the middle bottom of the cover.

  • 【Practical design】 -- Zipper in the back for easy access into the cart without removing the cover.

  • 【Dimension】 -- 112" L x 48" W x 66" H Universal fit, Suitable for most golf carts with extended 80" L long roofs, 2 rear seats, armrests and footrest.

The Kayme 4 Passenger Golf Cart Cover comes with 4 layers of heavy-duty material. It makes the cover 100% waterproof which is great for rain and snow protection.

Along with that, it offers superior protection against sunlight and UV for its highly reflective aluminum. Also, you will get durable longevity from it.

When using the cover, it may scratch your cart. This cover features inner soft cotton that will not scratch your cart. The adjustable strap is situated in the middle bottom.

You can secure the cover better so that it does not blow away during heavy wind.

You will even get a magic sticker for better security against the wind. As a result, getting protection against dust and debris becomes easier. With the zipper in the back, you can get easy access to your cart without fully removing your cover. 

The smooth alloy zipper will not rust with the rain contact. Moreover, its waterproof large storage bag, storing and carrying become easier. Unfortunately, the cover does not have any clear door or window like the previous cover. 


  • High-quality reflective coating
  • Durable construction
  • Easy access with zipper
  • Smooth zipper for comfortable removing


  • No clear door or window

7. Himal 4 Passenger 400D Waterproof Sunproof Golf cart Cover

2795 Reviews

Himal 4 Passenger 400D Waterproof Sunproof Golf cart Cover


  • SUITABILITY -- Cover size: 112 inches L x 48 inches W x 66 inches H, suitable for most golf carts with extended 80"L roofs, 2 rear seats, armrests and footrest.

  • DURABLE -- We adopt the high strength polyester fabric, which is more durable and stronger than other covers in the market.

  • WATERPROOF -- Himal golf cart rain cover have a better water-proof performance by adding the exclusive water-proof adhesive tape in the stitching area.

  • WIND-PROOF -- The ABS enhanced wind-proof locker at the bottom allows cover to be secured to the cart.

Himal 4 Passenger Golf cart Cover is another great cover for your cart. The 400D Waterproof cover material will withstand wet weather and rain to protect the cart.

Also, its durable polyester fabric will deliver additional durability. With the PU water-proof layer, 

it even improves the resistance. 

The best golf cart cover should have a coating to prevent sunlight. For that, the Himal cart cover features a silver coating that will reflect the sunlight and prevent your cart from aging.

You can use it as the Yamaha golf cart covers or other brands since it is suitable for most golf carts with 4 passengers

Its BS wind-proof locker will secure the cover better to prevent the cover from blowing away. The four grommets promote air circulation to dissipate heat. It allows you to store the cart for a long time.

The smooth and stainless zipper provides smoothness in opening and closing the cover. However, if the rain is heavy, it cannot withstand the water. You need to use exclusive water-proof adhesive tape to prevent that.


  • Water-resistant cover
  • Silver coating to prevent sunlight
  • Suitable for most carts
  • Grommets for better air circulation


  • Need adhesive tape to protect from heavy rain.

8. Leader Accessories Deluxe 2-Person Golf Cart Cover

105 Reviews

Leader Accessories Deluxe 2-Person Golf Cart Cover


  • Heavy duty water repellent polyester walls with clear PVC windows, protection against all weather situation

  • Clear PVC windows provides you the best visibility

  • Keeps golf carts clean and dry in storage

  • Roof length up to 60", Roof width up to 45";Bottom Length up to 65",Bottom width up to 50"

  • This golf cart enclosure only fits 2 person golf carts; Carrying case included

If your concern is the heavy rain contact, you may consider this cover from Leader accessories. It comes with heavy-duty polyester walls that will deliver superior protection against water.

Also, the clear PVC windows will provide clear visibility while protecting any weather.

The size is universal that making it suitable for almost all types of carts. With zippered panels and doors, you can easily get access to the cart without removing the cover. You can even roll up the doors when necessary.

Its special tie will help you secure the cover with the cart. No matter how windy the weather is, the cover won’t blow away easily.

Installing the cover is not so tough. You can do it within minutes without any tools. A carrying bag is included to store and carry the cover.

Unfortunately, the cover does not come with any vents. So, heat may grow up and you need to open the door regularly to dissipate the heat.


  • Superior water protection
  • Universal cover size
  • Clear doors for maximum visibility
  • Special tie for better securing


  • No vents for heat dissipation

9. Doorworks Hinged Door Golf Cart Enclosures

105 Reviews

Doorworks Hinged Door Golf Cart Enclosures – Club Car Precedent Marine Vinyl Cart Cover,


  • LUXURY CART COVER: This Marine Grade Vinyl Hinged Door Golf Cart Cover is designed to be the top tier luxury golf cart cover. 

  • CLUB CAR CART Precedent STANDARD FIT: This Hinged Door Ace Golf Cart Cover is specifically designed to fit a Club Car Precedent Roof. 

  • HINGED DOOR & ZIPPERED WINDOWS: The almost air tight hinged doors now come with 2-Sided Zippers in door windows and rear window!

  • INSTALL AT HOME: The DoorWorks frame is made of durable Powder-Coated Aluminum Frame with tough black epoxy paint (Guaranteed to never rust)

Doorworks is the Best Golf Cart enclosure that comes into the market to protect your cart from dust, water, sunlight, and weather.

The high-quality Powder-Coated Aluminum Frame will provide great stability. Also, its tough black epoxy paint will prevent rust for added durability. You will have Marine Grade Vinyl Canvas that will resist water. 

The vinyl is non-fading, no-rip, and has no tear that ensures maximum protection for your carts. The cart cover is extremely easy to install for its advanced patented method.

With its door and windows, you can easily get clear visibility. You can even remove the door and install it to meet your demands. 

You can keep the hard doors open or locked. The door and rear windows have a zipper option to control the inside climate. 

However, during windy conditions, the cover may blow away. In that case, you have to use a wind seal kit which is not included. 


  • The durable aluminum frame delivers durability
  • Easy to access doors
  • Comfortable to install
  • Offers clear visibility


  • Need additional wind kit for wind protection

10. Passenger Golf Cart Driving Enclosure Cover

105 Reviews

4 Passenger Golf Cart Driving Enclosure Cover


  • STAY DRY AND BUG BITE FREE THIS WINTER: We've all experienced the uncomfortable feeling of rain, mosquito bites,

  • DESIGNED TO FIT: Fits most 4 seater with shorter 58" roof golf carts EZgo, Club Car, Yamaha G model golf cars with roofs up to 58 inches long.

  • NEW STRONGER YKK ZIPPER: We're a feedback driven company and heard you! 

  • TAKE IT EVERYWHERE: Comes with matching carrying bag so you can easily take it with you to any golf course or city with you for any touring tournaments.

Up next is the Formosa golf cart cover that offers durability and longevity. It comes in a universal size that fits most 4 seater carts. With the high-quality UV-coated Satin Polyester fabric, you can expect a longer lifespan from it. 

Also, the double Polyurethane undercoating will protect the cart from water, sunlight, and dust. With its zipper, you can easily install the cover and remove it when necessary. 

The crystal clear rear windows provide great visibility. Also, it enables you to get in and out without removing the entire cover.

You can un-zip and roll up the windows if necessary. In addition, the 4 air vents will dissipate the heat properly by ensuring proper air ventilation. 

You can keep your car inside the cover for a long time and your vehicle will last longer. The matching carrying bag will make it easier to carry the cover. Also, you can store the cover when not in use. 

However, there is no strap or cords to protect the cover from blowing away during heavy wind. If you want to protect the cart from water, dust, or sunlight but not from wind, this can be a good option.


  • Easy to install
  • Sun and water protection
  • Air vents for heat dissipating.
  • Zipper system for easy removing


  • No strap or cord for wind protection 


 1. How Do You Measure For A Golf Cart Cover?

Measure the length from left to right, then the width from left to right, and then height from ground to tallest part. It will give you a proper measurement.

2. Can You Leave A Golf Cart Cover On All Year?

Yes, if the golf cart cover is good enough to protect from cold, rain, and sunlight, you can leave it on all year. On the other hand, a traditional cover won’t allow you to leave it on all year.

3. How Long Do Golf Cart Covers Last?

The durability and longevity of the golf cart cover depend on the materials and use of the cover. If you can pick the best cover and use it properly, it can last years after years.

4. How do you put a cover on a golf cart?

Simply open the zip and start putting the cover from one side. Then slowly slide it down to the other size. After that, zip the cover and use the strap to secure its fitting.

5. Is A Golf Cart Cover Worth It?

If you want to keep your cart protected from dust, sunlight, rust, and water, then you have to use the cart cover. That means a golf cover is worth it.

The Final Word

The best golf cart cover will enhance the lifespan of your cart. It will resist the water, prevent sunlight and UV, protect dust and debris, and withstand tough weather.

Your cart will stay new for a long time and you can get a good resale value as well. However, picking the most suitable options among those saturated options is tough. 

To assist your decision-making, our experts have spent their valuable time picking some good covers for review. Now you know the good and bad sides of some top-rated cart cover.

Make sure you consider all those goods and bads and pick the best one for your needs.