The Best Golf Cart Enclosures Reviews and Buying Guide

Old school golf cart enclosures, as high-end as they seem, tend to lack lots of features the new ones are showing off. 

If the golf cart you’re using right now doesn’t have features like PVC windows protection, 420D Oxford polyester, weather, and waterproof attribute, chances are you’re still using the low-end one.

While it’s tough to get the perfect golf cart enclosure, we’ve done the task for you. We’ll take you on a tour where you’ll be able to read about some of the best golf cart enclosures available in the market.

Golf Cart Enclosures Comparison Table (Top 5)



Compatible For


10L0L 4 Passenger Golf Cart Driving Enclosure
    Club Car DS

69 Reviews

4 Passenger Golf Cart Driving Enclosure Cover

Club Car DS

   1338 Reviews

Classic Accessories Fairway Travel 4-Sided 2-Person Golf Cart Enclosure
Club Car, Yamaha, E-Z-Go

1532 Reviews

Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Deluxe Enclosure 
      Club Car

738 Reviews

10L0L 4 Passenger Golf Cart Cover
    Club Car

1204 Reviews

 10 Best Golf Cart Enclosures Review

After hours of research, we, along with our team, have come up with these 10 golf cart enclosures. Read the reviews and choose the one you need.

1. 10L0L Golf Cart Driving Enclosure

So, what kind of seat do you like on your golf cart? Not the soaking wet one, we bet. Then, why don’t you just make sure they’re staying clean and dry with the Golf Cart Driving Enclosure from 10L0L?

No matter whatever the weather is, this will protect your seats from all four sides. So, from now on, you don’t need to worry about anything like wind, rain, or sun. Thanks to its 420D Oxford polyester for pulling that off.

By the way, thinking about blurred views? That ain’t going to happen as the super-clear PVC window got your back right there.

Plus, the Resin Door Zipper will ease up your access there as well without falling apart any sooner.

One more thing! You ain’t going to need any tools to assemble it. A big relief, right? And in case you’ve left the ride outdoors, you can simply rely on its 2 bottom hooks to save it from the damages that can take place in bad weather.

Plus, once you’re done using it, take it off anytime as it’s perfectly portable and lightweight.


  • Easy to assemble without any tools
  • Saves from damages by bad weather
  • Can sustain wind, rain, and sun
  • Perfectly lightweight and portable
  • Keeps the view clear


  • Comes with wrinkles initially that goes away later

2. 10L0L 4 Passenger Golf Cart Enclosures

Surprised to see an old name once again? Don’t be! That’s because team 10L0L has brought in excellence again with their amazing 4 Passenger Golf Cart Enclosures.

Once you’ve got one, then you can rely on its water repellent polyester with closed eyes, which is also heavy duty by nature. So, feel free to relax and drive in dust, rain, snow, or sun.

But what has made it a finer choice is its large side mirror openings. Now, while you’re driving, driving safety will be the last thing you’ll have to worry about.

Plus, the transparency makes sure you have the view clearly with its PVC windows protection.

Don’t think the makers have only focused on transparency here. If you check out, you’ll see the cover also keeps the window open for your taillight.

On top of that, you’ve got all the features you could’ve asked from the best golf cart enclosures, including roll-up doors, zippers, etc.


  • Fully water repellent
  • Made of heavy-duty polyester
  • Allows showing the taillight
  • PVC windows protection ensures visual clarity
  • Perfect for a 4-passenger golf cart


  • Hard to make wrinkles without putting on

3. DoorWorks Drive Golf Cart Cover

When you’re extremely allergic to dirt, you just can’t ignore having total protection. Thankfully, that’s what the Drive Best Golf Cart Cover from DoorWorks is all about.

And when you’ve got a Yamaha Drive or Drive 2 Golf Cart, then probably nothing can serve you better than this one.

With the ability to keep up with the changing weather, you can take the cart out anytime. All credit goes to its quality material.

Thanks to its roll-up sides, that’ll make the access easy as pie. And if you feel like you don’t like the color black, you can pick anything from Tan, Forest Green, or Blue.

This cover is a perfect combination of lots of NOs, including no-tear, no-fading, no-rip. Don’t think its resistance properties are anything less as it can totally resist water and mildew.


  • Made of quality material
  • Water and mildew resistant
  • Roll-up doors keep the access easy
  • Comes with color variations
  • Doesn’t tear or fade


  • Covers the taillight too

4. 10L0L 2 Passenger Golf Cart Enclosure

Were you expecting something good from team 10L0L for your 2-seater cart? Well, then this 2 Passenger Golf Cart Enclosure is something that surely will make your wish come true.

Team 10L0L has never compromised on material quality. So, once again, they’ve done the same by giving this enclosure durable 420D Oxford polyester.

Plus, they’ve kept the super-clear PVC window for a clear view along with the Resin Door Zipper on that list as well to ensure its long run. And for drive safety? It’s got side mirror openings too.

This Golf Cart Enclosure surely will stand like a wall between you and the wind, rain, or sun. Besides, they’ve added 4 bottom hooks to this lightweight and portable cover to prevent the weather if it goes rogue.


  • Offers durable 420D Oxford polyester construction
  • Protects from wind, rain, and sun
  • 4-bottom hooks ensure protection in bad weather
  • PVC window keeps the view clear
  • Comes with side mirrors opening for drive safety


  • The back-end slot has scope for improvement

5. Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Enclosure

Imagine getting your cart filled up with dirt with a sudden blow of wind. Well, that’s impossible if you’ve got something like the Fairway Golf Cart Deluxe Enclosure from Classic Accessories.

Doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the golf cart covers for Yamaha, E-Z-Go, or Club Car, it can go with all of them. All you need to do is make it fit over the roof and secure it with the hooks.

And durability? It’s made of Gardelle fabric. So, you’re about to get nothing but a long-lasting cover; if you’re expecting it to shrink or stretch, we bet that ain’t going to happen.

What you’re going to get the most out of it is total protection from external elements.

In case you feel suffocated, you’re free to utilize its quick zip-off windshield. Plus, removable and roll open doors aided by rip-n-grip straps will help you to feel freer than ever.


  • Material is highly durable
  • Doesn’t shrink or stretch
  • The doors are removable
  • Compatible with Yamaha, E-Z-Go, and Club Car


  • Has no taillight window

6. HiCaptain Golf Cart Cover

You’re not a fan of keeping things covered when you’re driving? Okay, fine! But what about when you’re not riding it? Well, you can’t deny having a cover for that time. If so, then we say you better take a peek at the Golf Cart Cover from HiCaptain.

So, is your ride a two-seater or four? It doesn’t matter, though, as the makers have kept both options for you with two different sizes.

On top of that, rather than making things overheated, it’ll always keep the interior cool without trapping the temperature inside. After all, that’s what the dual air vents are made to do.

Like all those finest golf cart rain covers, this one, too, is impenetrable for water. And the elastic hem cord and strap it comes with are simply amazing in giving it a custom fit.

By the way, have you forgotten to get something out of your cart? You don’t have to take off the entire cover. With the access panel, you can easily get in there.

And if you feel like you need some space to store your power cord, keys, etc., you’ve got a large pocket right there for that.


  • Available for both 2- and 4-seater carts
  • Extra pocket gives extra storage space
  • Easy to get in with the access panel
  • Dual air vents keep it cool inside


  • Compatible with certain brands only

7. Classic Accessories Fairway Deluxe Enclosure

If you think team Classic Accessories has thought of nothing to fill up the gap of your club car golf cart covers, then we think this one will surely change your mind. After all, it’s the Fairway Deluxe Enclosure for golf carts.

Thankfully, the makers thought of using 100% heavy-duty Polyester this time. So, you can be sure that you’re going to get a durable cover this time.

But you can’t see through Polyester, can you? Well, you won’t have to, as the Super-Clear Window Material will ease that up.

And the wind? You can count that out of your book of hassles as this enclosure is more than enough to deal with all the weather conditions. Plus, the zippered panels and doors will ensure total protection all the time.

By the way, are you thinking that you’ve got a chance of feeling suffocated? Then, you probably haven’t noticed the windshield and doors can be rolled up.


  • The Polyester construction ensures durability
  • Compatible with Club Car
  • Super-clear window material gives a clear view
  • Equips rollable windshield and doors
  • Resistant to any weather condition


  • Can get dirty easily

8. Classic Accessories Fairway Deluxe Enclosure

We don’t think you’ll feel scared of wind and rain too much until you own a golf cart. But when you’re holding something like the Fairway Deluxe Enclosure from Classic Accessories, we don’t believe you’ve still got any reason to worry.

The first reason that made us think of it as a perfect option for your cart is its construction made of 100% durable Polyester.

As it’s perfectly weather-protected, it doesn’t matter if you’re getting it wet in the rain or burning under the sun, it ain’t going shrink or stretch.

By the way, doesn’t the rain scare the hell out of you after getting a cart? Well, throw that thought in the dust bucket as its water-repellent fabric is so tough that you won’t have to see any drop of water passing through it.

You can count the sun, dirt, and weather damage on that list too.

And when it feels like it’ll be loose on your ride, check out its elastic cord in the bottom hem. We bet you’ll run out of your confusion about having a custom fit.


  • The Polyester makes it last longer
  • Capable of handling any weather condition
  • Keeps the rainwater out of the cart
  • Ensures custom fit


  • Has no extra storage pocket

9. DoorWorks Golf Cart Storage Cover

Do you often regret seeing the pile of dirt on your favorite golf cart? Well, that’s not the happiest sight for sure. But that wouldn’t have happened in the first place if you’ve had the Golf Cart Storage Cover from DoorWorks in your arsenal.

We don’t know where you keep your ride parked. But once you put this one on your ride, the place will stop mattering as well. Thanks to its weather-proof nature for that.

And in case you’re expecting to see a boiled interior within, we must say it has built-in air vents too. So, the airflow during storage has no way to be interrupted.

But it’ll allow only air to go in, nothing else like rain, dust, sunlight, or scratches.

What you’re going to love the most is its ease. When you are putting it on, you probably will have to use just a small fraction of your energy. A fair share of thanks for that goes to its hooking design as well.

You can count it among the universal golf cart covers, too, as it can take in a ton of carts like EZGO TXT, Club Car Precedent, Yamaha, etc. To be honest, not even some of the best golf cart enclosures can deliver a perk like that.


  • Highly convenient to put on
  • Comes with weatherproof features
  • Can be used on many carts
  • Saves from rain, dust, and sunlight
  • Keeps the airflow uninterrupted


  • Doesn’t have much color variation

10. 10L0L Golf Cart Enclosure

There’s nothing new to say about the brand 10L0L. But we can’t say the same thing about their new 4 Passenger Golf Cart Enclosure.

Looks like the makers have put focus once again on driving safety. You don’t believe that? Well, then check out the side mirror openings, and we’re sure you’ll agree on that too.

Rain, dust, or sunlight – you just name it, and each of them can simply bring in enough damage to your beautiful cart. But not if this is the cover you’re putting on. After all, it can withstand all the weather conditions.

We often think golf cart enclosures with doors will bring in all the ease we need to have access. But the truth is, that also depends on certain things like door size, ease of opening, rollability, etc. Thankfully, this one got all of them.

Like always, they’ve made sure that you’re seeing everything crystal clear by adding the PVC windows protection. And the hassles of putting on? From a kid to an adult, anyone can pull the job off.


  • Easy to put on
  • Resistant to all weather conditions
  • Comes with rollable doors
  • Visual clarity stays at peak
  • Has openings for side mirrors


  • Keeps taillight out of sight

What to Look for Before Buying a Golf Cart Enclosure?

You ain’t buying a dress for yourself where only the color and design will be enough to make you swipe your card. As it’s about grabbing the best golf cart enclosures, we say you keep your eyes open to certain things like –

Material Quality

You’re not thinking about throwing it any sooner, are you? Then, the first thing you better check out is whether the one you’re picking up is a heavy-duty golf cart cover or not.

But that entirely depends on the type of material. We say it’s better to go with materials strong enough to withstand tough weather conditions.

Clear View

Seeing it blur is more than enough to put you in extreme danger like an accident. So, what you need to do is check out if the cover or enclosure is transparent to see the surroundings or not.


Who doesn’t like it to fit perfectly? We bet you do too! So, try to follow the same theory for your cart cover as well.


You don’t want your cart to get heated like a running oven, do you? If not, then always pick a cover or enclosure that can keep it cool in there by being perfectly breathable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you measure for a golf cart cover?

Check out the height, length, and width of your golf cart first. Then, match it with the cover you’re checking out. The size should be written in the specification part.

2. How long do golf cart covers last?

Depending on the material, usage pattern, and care, it can last up to a couple of years easily. Sometimes it can sustain more.

3. What are the best golf cart covers?

It’ll depend on the model of your cart. As we’ve mentioned the compatible rides on our list, you can check out from there as well.

4. Is a golf cart cover worth it?

Yes, it does if you really love your golf cart. A golf cart usually costs thousands of dollars, whereas a cover might need just hundreds. So, it’s better to keep your investment secured by ensuring total protection with the right cover.

Final Words

Ask anyone, they’ll agree that the 10 products we’ve reviewed here are probably the best golf cart enclosures you’ll find right now. Now, here’s a thing, though. Of course, you’re not going to buy all of these.

No matter which one you choose, make sure you set your priorities. We really recommend features like 420D Oxford polyester.

While dual air vents are a plus, no one’s saying these are a must. However, getting a cart enclosure that is weather and waterproof is something you shouldn’t skip.