10 Best Golf Walking Cart in 2022

While your golf buddies have got these modern golf walking carts, you’re still using the same old walking cart that you’ve been using for the last 5 years.

Your mates laugh at you as it makes those nerve-racking noises. Dual motors? Nope, your walking cart doesn’t have it, let alone things like waterproof features and adjustable handles.

Had enough? It’s time for you to switch to a new one. We’ll help you get the best golf walking cart, and yes, don’t you worry a bit about breaking your bank.

These golf walking carts are on the affordable side. Let’s take a look at them, yeah?

Golf Walking Cart Comparison Table (Top 5)





Segway miniLITE Smart Self-Balancing Electric Transporter,


589 Reviews

Segway Ninebot S Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter


   51 Reviews

Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart Drift Kit
      -- W

576 Reviews

JEF WORLD OF GOLF- Deluxe Steel Push Cart


1978 Reviews

Segway Ninebot S-Plus Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter


452 Reviews

Benefits of Investing in a Golf Push Cart

You might be wondering; do I need a golf cart in the first place? Why bother pushing around a cart when you can just carry all your gear with you?

Well, it might sound like an extra hassle, but when you’re out in the field in the middle of an intense match, the last thing you want is to lug your gear around.

A golf push cart will help you easily carry all your stuff with you, and the best part is it won’t tire you out. You will have most of your energy to spend where it matters – on the game.

Fatigue can set in quickly if you aren’t only playing the game but also taking your gear with you without any sort of help. That’s where a golf push cart will come in handy.

Trust us; it’s one of the things you didn’t know you needed until you actually own one.

Push golf carts or walking golf carts are also better than pull carts since you can naturally transfer your momentum when walking onto the cart as well.

Pushing something is easier than pulling it.

No matter how you look at it, there really is simply no denying that a push walking golf cart is a cool little addition to have with you on the course. It takes some weight off your shoulders, literally.

10 Best Golf Walking Cart Reviews

Choosing the right golf walking cart can be a daunting task. That’s why we are here, though. We rounded up the top 10 golf walking carts for you to choose from.

One thing is for sure, no matter what your needs are, you will find just the right one.

1. Segway miniLITE Smart

We start by bending the rules a bit. This isn’t a golf walking cart per se. But still gets the job and does it quite well. You may have heard of the brand Segway, they’re quite popular with the younger generation.

At first glance, the design will strike you. With a very sleek and modern design, this is one of the better-looking transports you can use to zoom around the golf course. The engine is pretty powerful too.

You won’t feel like it’s barely dragging along. The 700-watt engine can carry 175 lbs. with ease. The range isn’t that bad either. You get 11 miles of range. That’s 18 km if you’re wondering. The top speed isn’t too shabby, coming in at 10 mph.

But the top speed and range will depend on the rider’s weight and habits as well. So, that’s something to keep in mind.

The cool thing about this one is its self-balancing feature. It’s easy to ride once you learn how to ride it. Don’t be intimidated if you have never ridden a Segway before, though.

Think of it as learning how to ride a bicycle. Those were fun times, weren’t they? The same applies here.

Once you get the hang of it, it’s quite a treat. As for safety features, there is nothing to worry about. This one is UL 2272 certified. That means it meets all the fire and electrical safety standards, which makes it safe for use on a golf course.

  • Modern design
  • Good range
  • Respectable top speed
  • Cool self-balancing feature
  • Meets electric and fire safety standards


  • Has a bit of a learning curve

2. CaddyTrek R2 Smart Electric

Now, this is a more traditional electrical walking golf cart. CaddyTrek is hands down one of the better buys from this list. So, what makes this one worthy of a spot in our roundup?

How about a host of riding modes that include a follow mode and a surprisingly adequate motor? You can have it in either follow mode or marching mode.

Simply clip your handset to your waistband and have the cart go where you go. To enable marching mode, you do the same, but this time you stand at the back of the cart.

Both modes are pretty cool and work pretty well. And switching between the two modes is a breeze.

If you’re wondering whether you buy a golf push cart or a pull one, why not get one that can do both? With its two tracking modes, the R2 smart can be used as both.

Lugging all the heavy golf gear around the whole course can be very tiring. This might harm your game. As a golfer, that’s the last thing you want to happen.

This cart will make sure you don’t get fatigued easily and can navigate around the course easily. Put all your heavy stuff on the cart and walk with it.

Not to mention there are many benefits of walking as well. It’s a win-win situation right here.

The motor is slightly less powerful than the previous one but gets the job done. Besides, you don’t need a big V6 motor for something like a golf cart anyway.

It has two 250-watt motors that are quiet as well. You won’t disturb other players and the audience at all.


  • Powerful dual motors
  • Two different tracking modes
  • Helps you carry heavy golf gear
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy mode switching


  • Works best in solid, stable surfaces

3. MGI Zip X5 Gold Cart

The design of this one is quite impressive. But it doesn’t stop there. This golf cart from MGI gives you quite a bit of feature set and control, which makes it a joy to use.

Let’s touch on that design then. The black and green color scheme works very well here. It’s mostly black with green streaks here and there, which makes it look modern and not tacky at all. 

If you like to have gear that looks as good as they perform, this one deserves a good look.

And of course, the general build quality is good too. It’s made from plastic but high-quality plastic. That also keeps the weight manageable, we don’t have any complaints there.

If you have ever been on a golf course, you would know that the terrain is anything but smooth and consistent. There are bumps, high ground, and low ground. In situations like these, the electronic park brake of the MGI Zip X5 will come in handy.

It can stay put in all sorts of terrain, and you don’t have to worry about your gear rolling away as you take your career-building shot.

That isn’t all, though. It has more tricks up its sleeve. Compared to some other cheap quality golf carts, you can control the downhill descending speed of this one.

With that, you can have the golf cart go fast if you need to and slower if you think that’s safer. What’s more, is you can set a distance where the cart will stop on demand. It really is a small and cool-looking golf cart and has quite a lot of cool features.

The front wheel is swiveling and can also be locked. That adds to its overall stability and control. One small gripe we have with this one is it doesn’t have a follow feature. The motor is adequately powerful, with a wattage of 230.


  • Cool design
  • Speed control
  • Distance limiter
  • Swiveling and lockable front wheels
  • Durable build


  • No auto-follow feature

4. Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart

If you think we are done bending the rules, you can’t be more wrong. Check out this literal GoKart. You might think this has no place being on a golf course, but its features and specs may just change your mind.

Since it’s a Segway product, you don’t need to worry about durability and safety. It’s solidly made and is safe to use as well. Segway nails the design of this too.

It looks modern and exciting without being too ghastly and childlike. Quite an achievement for what essentially can be a toy for kids. That isn’t a knock on the product, though.

The motors are capable and can go up to 10 mph with a maximum distance of 13.7 miles. You certainly won’t be drifting this thing around the course, but just in case you were curious, you can do it.

There are different driving modes, and the ride setting is adjustable. That makes it suitable for almost everyone. If you’re uncomfortable, just adjust the ride setting, and you’re good to go within minutes.

Are you a tall fellow? Then, you will be happy to know this GoKart can accommodate people of up to 6’5”!

It’s lightweight and portable, which allows you to carry this in the trunk of your car.  The only negative with this one is there really isn’t much space for your golf gear. It’s perfect for carrying yourself around the course, though.


  • Beautiful design
  • Fun to ride
  • Adjustable ride height
  • Good range
  • Speed is adequate


  • Doesn’t have too much space for gear


You’re either going to like this one, or you will hate it. It’s as simple as that. If minimality is your thing, this one is for you.

Not everyone wants a feature-packed cart that needs to be pushed around in the course. No cart embodies that sentiment quite like this cart right here.

The minimalist build and design make it one of the lightest carts around. That makes it super easy to push around on the golf course. You can also fold it to make it even more portable.

It will carry all your golf accessories without a problem, though. With a pretty wide wheelbase, you can be pretty sure it won’t just topple over and drop all your gear on the ground.

Sturdy, smooth, and the bare basics are how we would describe this one. For the right person, that’s music to their ears.

There is a scorecard holder as well, of course. And it’s waterproof, that’s a plus. We would have liked to see some color choices since the design is so minimal.

Different colors would have put some zing into it, but that’s not a major concern. This cart will still get the job done just as well as the rest.


  • Simple and straightforward design
  • Folds in half
  • Sturdy wheelbase
  • Durable build
  • Waterproof scorecard holder


  • No color variations

6. Segway Ninebot S-Plus Smart

Yes, it’s another Segway. Hey, don’t give us that look. Segway just happens to make pretty versatile products. This happens to be one of them.

We can’t start a review of a Segway scooter without talking about the design. You will notice a theme with all the Segways on this list.

They all have a white and black finish. There isn’t a particular reason for that. The color scheme just looks cool and will stand out on a golf course.

Its design is good, and the build is solid too. What else do you need to know about this one? How about its dual 400-watts powerful motor that has a top speed of 12.5 mph. This makes it the fastest Segway on this list so far.

Range and maximum weight aren’t something to scoff at either. With a 22 miles maximum range and a max carrying capacity of 220 lbs., you can get yourself or your gear around the course without any trouble.

It gives you a lot of control over the ride. You can use your knees to keep it sturdy. When you’re carrying all your golf gear, that is quite important.

As we already mentioned, golf courses don’t have the smoothest terrain. That being said, the large 11-inch pneumatic tires will give you a smooth ride.

On top of all these features, there is also a follow mode and remote-control feature. All the things together make it quite a modern piece of kit and will certainly be a standout piece of equipment in any golf course.


  • Stunning design
  • Auto-follow feature
  • Long-range
  • Powerful motor
  • Large stable tires


  • You might need some time getting used to riding it

7. Segway Ninebot S Smart

This is the younger cousin of the previous one. The Ninebot S comes with a more toned-down design but doesn’t sacrifice the premium features you expect from a Segway.

The design of this one is pretty similar to the previous Ninebot S-Plus. There are slight differences, though. It’s just a tad bit toned down.

You won’t find any hindrances that toned-down design brings. The range is lower but is still an impressive 13.7 miles. Top speed stays almost the same at 10 mph.

What didn’t change is the maximum load capacity. You get the same max load of 220 lbs., which is plenty for almost anyone to zoom around the course.

The tires are smaller compared to the previous one, but the pneumatic tires provide good grip and stability for a safe and comfortable ride. It can tackle slopes with ease, but there is a limit of a 15-degree incline.

We also quite like that Segway didn’t reduce the wattage of the dual motors. You get dual 400-watt motors which give you plenty of oomph.

Segway didn’t skimp on the safety of this one either. It has UL 2272 certification, which basically makes it very safe to ride. All fire and electric standards are met; thus, you not only get a good riding experience, but you get a safe one too.


  • Cool design
  • Powerful motors
  • Sturdy ride
  • Meets fire and electrical safety standards
  • Intelligent app management


  • New riders might need some time getting the hang of it

8. Bag Boy Quad XL

If you want to be a little more hands-on with your golf cart, this Bag Boy Quad XL golf cart is perhaps the one to get. It strikes a fine balance between ease of use and quality.

You’re going to need to put some energy into using it, though, since it doesn’t have any motors. But that won’t be a problem. Pushing this cart is easy, and the smooth wheels give you a pretty enjoyable experience.

The handle is ergonomic and adjustable. That means you can set it just right for you.

Need to stop the cart on its tracks? You don’t even need to take your hands off the handle. Brakes are seamlessly integrated with it.

Another thing you’re sure to appreciate is the large accessories bag. You can fit in all your must-have golf accessories without worrying too much about space. All in all, it’s a pretty practical golf cart.

All these features also come with the durable build quality. It’s lightweight and is built to last. Plus, the tires are maintenance-free. This gives you some peace of mind knowing you can rely on this one to keep your golf gear rolling right alongside you.

For the hip golfers out there, they can make use of the included mobile and beverage holder. Need a refreshing sip of your beverage? Well, it’s always just an arm’s length away.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable build quality
  • Large accessories bag
  • Integrated handle brakes
  • Adjustable handle


  • No motors

9. Clicgear Model 8+

The Clicgear Model 8+ is as traditional of a golf cart as it gets. That isn’t to say it doesn’t have any stand-out features. You get quite a lot of versatility and a cool stealthy design.

Let’s talk about that design first, then. It’s black, very black. It looks like something Batman would use. We don’t know about you, but anything good for Batman is good for us as well.

With a stealthy black color scheme, it looks super-premium and gives off a classy feel. This new model got some pretty nice additions as well.

There are an improved bag strap system and a lot of other cool features like a pencil and scorecard holder.

The brake handles are superb and very responsive. It almost stops immediately, which makes sure you always have control over the cart.

You can lock the brakes in place to make sure it doesn’t start rolling away. Remember what we said about golf courses not being smooth and plain? Yeah, that brake lock feature will definitely come in handy.

You’re pretty covered in the storage department too. There is ample space for everything you might need to carry. Speaking of carrying, the cart itself isn’t too bulky either.

The compact nature of it makes it easy to bring with you for a fun day of golf. You can fold the cart with its easy sliding mechanism to make things even more convenient. This Clicgear pushcart gets an easy recommendation from us.


  • Cool design and color scheme
  • Durable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Improved brakes
  • Lots of storage space


  • Not motorized

10. Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX

For our last walking golf cart, we included this one from Sun Mountain for its simple build and a feature set that just works. There aren’t too many bells and whistles with this one. But it’s still a pretty great cart for what you pay for.

The design is less premium compared to others on this list but isn’t too bad. At least you get cool color options. There are four different colors to choose from, all of which look pretty good.

We quite like the black and yellow one. It has a certain pop to it.

There is enough space for almost all your gear, and the handle is pretty comfortable to hold as well. As far as build quality goes, there were no red flags that caught our attention.

It’s compact and relatively lightweight. Adding to the compactness is the ability to fold it. When you’re not using the cart, simply pack it up and set it aside. It’s as simple as that.

The wheels were pretty smooth, and the brakes held up well. All in all, this cart isn’t too bad for what it is.

It might not do a lot of things or have a lot of modern techy features like some of the Segway ones we reviewed, but it is still an adequate cart for most people.


  • Durable build
  • Lightweight
  • Color choices
  • Comfortable handle
  • Smooth wheels


  • The design could have been better

What to Look for Before Buying?

Giving you an in-depth review of the top 10 golf walking carts is one thing. But we figured we should go the extra mile and include a buying guide as well.

When you know what to look for, you can make a more informed choice. Here are the factors to consider before you pull the trigger on one.


This is a no-brainer. Make sure whatever cart you buy, it’s durable and well built. Most carts will be made from plastic, but all plastic isn’t made the same. A good way to mitigate the guessing work is to buy from a good brand.

All the ones we mentioned here are some of the top brands and are very reputable. You shouldn’t face any problems with durability with any of these. A golf walking cart or a pushcart is an investment.

Spending that extra amount of money and doing some research about the one you want to buy will pay off in the long run.

You certainly don’t want your cart breaking down in the middle of a game. That would be quite embarrassing.


Good brakes are crucial. It not only makes sure you have control of when to stop, but it will keep the cart in place when it’s stationary. We have probably mentioned this quite a few times now in this review, but golf courses can be quite raggedy.

You most definitely want a golf walking cart that has a good braking system, especially when climbing down or up a slope.


Stability is another important factor you need to consider before pulling the trigger on a cart. Get one that has good stability so that it makes pushing the cart around safer and easier.

An unstable walking cart can lead to all your gear dropping on the ground. Look for large wheels or a wide wheelbase. These types of carts will give you the best stability you can find.


If you like compactness, folding carts cannot be ignored. These carts are made to be folded to reduce their footprint, which undeniably makes them easier to take with you.

You can just fold them up and place them in the trunk of your car, and you’re all good to go. Not all carts will fold, though.

And in some cases, the folding mechanism might cause the manufacturer to sacrifice some features to make space for it.

It all comes down to your preference and what you need from your cart.


Speaking of making space, at the end of the day, a golf walking cart is there to carry your gear and accessories, so you don’t have to. Having one that has ample storage space for all your things is one of the most important factors.

We suggest looking into the accessories space as well. Small things like cup holders or pen holders go a long way.

It’s the little things that sometimes add up to make a big difference.

While most carts will give you very similar storage space, some do stand out with their larger compartments and extra space for your accessories.


This is important for pushcarts. An ergonomic handle will make it easier to grab onto the cart and push it around. Some handles are adjustable, which makes them even better.

Some models will be more adjustable than others. It depends on how high-end the cart is. Nonetheless, little adjustability is better than nothing at all.

Extra Features

If you’re buying a scooter like the Segway and want to use it as a cart, then you can look into extra features that come with it. Things like app compatibility, water resistance, and self-balancing features are all something you will appreciate.

Even normal push golf carts also have cool extra features like waterproof scorecard holders and more. The more extra features you get, the more bang for the buck the purchase is.

Price and Brand

When it comes to settling on a price point and choosing a brand, it all depends on what your budget is and what brand gives you the features you want.

When choosing a brand, just narrow down things you value the most, whether it be extra space, lots of cool modern features, or a robust braking system and build quality. Then, pick from any of the reputed brands.

All the ones we reviewed in this article are very reputed and have been producing stellar quality carts for quite a while. Decide your budget and pick which checks the boxes you want.

3 Wheel vs. 4 Wheel Push Cart: Does It Matter?

One common debate you will come across is about 3 wheels vs. 4 wheels. A 4-wheel golf push cart will be somewhat more stable.

However, many 3-wheeled carts are pretty stable in their own right. Plus, both can also be more compact and can be folded.

Many companies will often widen the base of a 3-wheel cart to make them more stable in the first place. That makes the difference between these two even less.  Still, 4 wheels just give you that extra bit of stability.

The edge goes to 4 wheels here. Both are good, though. It all comes down to the individual model you buy.

A well-made and balanced 3-wheel cart will be more stable than a poorly made 4 wheel one for the most part.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is better – push or pull golf cart?

Push golf carts are better since you can essentially use the forward momentum of your walking to push them forward. Pull carts, on the other hand, will require extra effort.

2. Do cart bags fit on pushcarts?

The answer to this question is astounding yes (duh). That’s what they are made for. Almost all pushcarts will fit stand bags easily on them. So, there is no worry about whether you can fit your gear on them or not. 

3. Is there a pushcart designed for women?

Some pushcarts are made for women. You can take a peek at some Sun Mountain models. But in general, golf carts are a pretty universal affair.

4. Do they make pushcarts for kids (junior golfers)?

Yep, there is. You can easily find smaller pushcarts that are perfect for smaller golfers. They provide almost the same functionality and features, just in a smaller package.

5. Are golf push carts worth it?

Given how heavy golf clubs and all the accessories can be, pushcarts are certainly worth the money. They help you carry your gear which also means you won’t get tired as easily.

Wrapping Up!

Still, having confusion getting the best golf walking cart? Now, we’re not saying you need to have every feature a high-end golf walking cart has.

The more the feature, the more expensive it will be; that’s relevant. However, having more features doesn’t make the golf walking cart the best at all.

You should go for something that at least comes with maximum durability. Don’t skip the dual-motor part; the more powerful, the better. And since you have to use it outdoor, the water-proof feature is important.