The 8 Best Junior Golf Push Cart – Review & Buying Guide

Carrying the golf bag with so many pieces of equipment is easy-going stuff for a young player. Turns out a kid feels exhausted before he finishes the game.

Thanks to the golf cart here to carry the golf bags with more equipment. But finding the best junior golf push cart is more challenging than carrying the bag. You need to consider a whole lot of things.

However, when considering one thing such as construction, you may forget to consider another thing like weight. Sounds confusing?

To assist you and make your purchase easier, our expert team has invested time to pick and review golf carts. Stick to the end of this review content to know details about junior golf carts and pick the best one.

Why Do Your Kids Need a Junior Golf Push Cart?

Golf is a challenging game with accuracy and speed. To tie them and set a perfection on a game a kid should be always focused and attentive to this game.

Moreover, physical agility is a must. Imagine, a day without a pushcart and your kid becomes exhausted carrying the bag.

Consequently, he brings a poor score as he lost his maximum energy just by taking burdens. Here is why a kid should need a junior golf pushcart.

Additionally, we get to see many kids are facing issues as we won’t understand the hassle of carrying bags vs push cart. Keeping this in mind, always look for buying a kid’s pushcart.

Best Junior Golf Push Carts for 2020

As the demand for golf push carts for juniors is increasing, the market is getting more saturated. Finding the best junior golf push cart becomes more difficult. So read this review and get you desired one.

1. Rovic Model RV3J Junior

73 Reviews

Rovic Model RV3J Junior | Youth 3-Wheel Golf Push Cart


  • Full featured golf push cart for junior golfers featuring lightweight aluminum tubing and maintenance-free airless tires

  • Compact console with scorecard holder strap

  • Foot activated brake to safely park the cart

The rovic rv3j junior 3-wheel golf push cart is one of the best push golf carts you can have for your kids. It comes with aluminum tubing construction that ensures durability. Also, it makes the cart lightweight to carry.

With its maintenance-free airless tires, your kids can comfortably use the rovic rv3j junior golf pushcart. Besides, you will get a Bag-on folding design. It enables your kids to fold the cart and turn it into a compact size for easy storage.

The compact console comes with a scorecard holder strap. It lets the users tie the bag properly on the cart and carry it comfortably. You will even have a Foot activated brake that enables your kids to safely park the cart.

Apart from that, the cup holder, umbrella mount, and additional tabs will add more convenience to the cart. However, the cart does not come with one-click folding which makes it a little bit tougher for kids to fold the cart.


  • Durable construction to ensure longevity
  • Lightweight design for better mobility
  • Maintenance-free tires for less hassle
  • Features strap to secure the bag
  • Foot activated brake for safe parking


  • No one-click folding system

2. Spin It Golf Products GCPro

119 Reviews

Spin It Golf Products GCPro II Push Golf Cart


  • One click, easy folding golf push cart

  • Low maintenance airless tires

  • Includes scorecard holder, umbrella holder and drink holder

If folding is a hassle task for your kids, consider the Spin IT golf cart. It comes with a one-click and easy-to-use folding mechanism. Your kids can easily fold the golf pushcart. Besides, the low maintenance airless tires will keep the users away from maintenance.

The lightweight aluminum frame provides superior durability. Also, it enables the users to comfortably carry the cart. With the foot brake, you can easily park the cart where needed.

The adjustable handle makes it comfortable to maneuver the cart. With the scorecard holder, playing the golf cart becomes easier.

Moreover, the umbrella holder can easily hold the umbrella to protect yourself in the hot summer. A drink holder is there as well to keep the drink and make you hydrated all the time.

You will get straps to secure the bag in the cart. However, the size might not be suitable for too little kids. To conclude, this will be a comfortable golf cart for kids. 


  • Durable and lightweight construction
  • Easy to maneuver for its handle
  • Drinks and umbrella holders for more convenience
  • Maintenance-free tires to reduce the hassle
  • Foot brake for easy parking


  • Not suitable for small kids

3. Young Gun Kids Adjustable Golf Cart

185 Reviews

Young Gun Kids Adjustable Golf Cart for Junior Golfers 3-14 Years Old


  • This adjustable golf cart is designed for golfers from ages 3 to 14 years old, easily adjusted by extending or contracting the handle

  • Made from sturdy steel

  • Nylon bag straps and quick snap lock buckles, with bag rest bracket

  • Ball-bearing wheels for smooth rolling

Made for durability, the Young gun golf cart comes into the market to deliver higher durability. The sturdy steel construction prolongs the durability. Also, it makes the overall weightless compared to other golf carts. Your kids can comfortably handle the cart.

With its contracting the handle, maneuvering the cart becomes easier. You will get nylon bag straps that will secure the bag when carrying it on the cart.

Also, the quick snap-lock buckles will help you easily secure and remove the straps. The bag rest bracket ensures even safer carrying.

With the ball-bearing wheels, you can roll it smoothly. Also, it generates less noise while rolling. Due to its foldable design, storing becomes easier. You can even transport the cart anywhere.

The quick folding design requires only seconds to fold and unfold that saves you time. Unfortunately, there is no foot brake which makes the parking a little bit tough for the kids.


  • Long-lasting construction
  • Lightweight design for better maneuvering
  • Nylon straps to secure the bags
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Ball-bearing wheels for smooth rolling


  • No foot brake for parking

4. Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart

275 Reviews

Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart


  • Stand and cart bag friendly upper bag bracket with adjustable support arms lock the golf bag into place

  • Full feature, extra deep scorecard console includes golf ball storage and mobile device holder

  • 9.5 inch front and 11.5 inch rear oversized wheels roll through the grass with ease

  • Super compact for storage and transport

If the look is a primary concern for you with the construction, consider the bag boy quad junior pushcart. It enables your junior to carry the bag more comfortably to focus on the game better. The bag friendly upper bag bracket ensures maximum securing to your bag,

Also, you will get an adjustable support arms lock that will keep your bag in place even when you are carrying it. With the extra deep scorecard console, playing golf becomes easier and more fun.

The golf ball storage enables you to put the ball after playing.

You can even spend some quality time with your smartphone for its mobile device holder. Its super compact and classical design makes it suitable for transportation and storage. Four wheels deliver smooth rolling and superior stability.

The maintenance-free tires keep your kids tension-free all the time. However, this model does not feature a foldable design that may take much space when storing or carrying.


  • Bag friendly bracket for better securing
  • Smartphone holder to carry the phone
  • The compact and classical design ensures comfortable moving
  • Four durable wheels deliver smooth rolling
  • Maintenance-free tires keep you tension free


  • No foldable design to store or carry

5. EasyPal Total Automatic Folding Golf Push Cart

5 Reviews

Golf Push Cart Golf Trolley 3 Wheel, Golf Push Cart One Second to Open and Close, 


  • it folds and unfolds automatically No hassle

  • Perfectly designed angle to distribute the weight of your bag across all four wheels;

  • 4 large 10.75" wheels provide stable movement on hills and make maneuvering through rough terrain easy

  • At a size of 12.8"x26.4"x16.5" folded, and weighing just 16.8 lbs., it folds down to one of the most compact sizes on the market

The aim of the best golf push cart for juniors is to ease bag carrying. To achieve the aim, the EasyPal foldable push cart comes with a classic design that will distribute the bag weight through the wheels.

It enables your kids to push the cart smoothly to move from one part to another in the golf cart.

Also, the wheels are durable and constructed with sturdy materials. You will achieve better stable movement. With the auto-folding and unfolding design, you can easily open and fold the golf pushcart. 

It takes only a single tough to fold and unfold.

The cart weighs only 16.8 lbs. which makes it comfortable to carry. When folded down, the cart turns into a compact size that enables easy storage.

With its powerful 2V lithium-ion battery, you can enjoy six months of running time with a single charge.

Like any other good cart, this one also features an umbrella, drinks, and other holders. However, it does not come up with the straps that make it tougher to secure the bag when carrying. You need to purchase it separately.


  • Powerful battery for long-lasting battery
  • Different holders for convenient use
  • Foldable design for easy storing
  • One-touch folding for less hassle
  • Lightweight and classic design for easy carrying


  • Does not come with the straps

6. Bag Boy Compact 3 Push Cart

275 Reviews

Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart


  • Full feature Extra deep scorecard console for golf ball storage, smart phone & integrated beverage holder

  • Simple three-step fold for compact storage

  • 9. 5 inch front and 11. 5 inch rear oversized wheels roll through the grass with ease

  • Stand and cart bag friendly upper bag bracket with adjustable support arms

Made with durable frame construction, the Bag Boy junior golf cart delivers superior performance and functionality.

It comes with a deep scorecard console that will help you put your golf ball, smartphone, and drinks. You can carry all those items with you to make golf playing more enjoyable.

The simple three-step folding design allows you to fold it within a minute. It helps you to store and carry the cart perfectly in your bag or car. With the oversized wheels, you can smoothly roll the cart through tough terrain or grass. 

You will also have an upper bag bracket that will secure the bag when carrying. With the top-Lock technology, you can attach the bag to the cart even better. It delivers peace of mind when carrying the cart.

The adjustable support arms enhance the maneuvering for your kids as well. The only problem I find is its hand-operated brake. It is not that effective to park the cart wherever you want. Other than this, the cart is a perfect one for the kids.


  • Durable and strong construction
  • Deep scorecard console to keep many things
  • Simple and easy folding to store
  • Large wheels deliver additional smoothness to move
  • The top-lock design secures the bag perfectly


The hand-operated brake is not so effective

7. Bat-Caddy X3R Electric Golf Caddy

35 Reviews

Bat-Caddy X3R Electric Golf Caddy + FREE Accessory Pack


  • Item Length: 33

  • Item Height: 15

  • Item Width: 23

  • Speed Control: FCC Authorized Remote Control 

  • Battery: Power: 12V,

The Bat-Caddy golf cart is another great golf cart for juniors. It comes with a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frame that ensures a lightweight design.

Also, the stainless steel and polymer components ensure higher durability. You can expect a longer lifespan from the cart.

Besides, the two-step one-click design will help you store and carry the cart anywhere you like. With the two powerful motors, you can move faster from one place to another.

You will have an authorized remote control that will help you control the Caddy Electric Golf Cart within 90-100 yards.

You can use a lead-acid battery or a long-lasting lithium battery. It will deliver a higher running time. If the Golf Cart battery charge is finished, you can push the cart so you don’t get stuck on the court.

The durable wheels smoothen the ride. You can enjoy the ride without much noise. Also, the motorized system eradicates the need to push the cart. However, there I no straps available to bind your bag.


  • Strong and powerful motors for fast speed
  • Powerful battery for long-running
  • Smooth running with durable wheels
  • Pushing capability to run the cart when the battery is dead
  • Durable construction for longevity


  • No straps to secure the bag on the cart

8. Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart

1040 Reviews

Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart


  • COMPACT – Simple to use slide-to-close mechanism folds the cart down to a size of 13” x 15” x 24” 

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE – Aircraft grade, scratch-resistant, aluminum tubing and maintenance-free airless tires ensures the cart

  • EXTRA STORAGE – Storage net and full console with built-in scorecard, golf ball, pencil & tee holders

  • PARKING HAND BRAKE – Prevents the cart from rolling when you walk away

Up next is the clicgear junior push cart that comes with a compact and easy-to-use design. The slide-to-close mechanism will help you fold the cart easily. It enables you to store and carry the cart when needed.

The scratch-resistant, high-quality aluminum tubing reduces the weight yet ensures durability. It weighs only 18 pounds which makes it suitable to carry.

You will have maintenance-free airless tires that will ensure better stability and smooth movement.

Apart from that, it features a full console and net bag. You will have a golf ball, scorecard, and other holders to keep your items. With the hand brake, you can comfortably park the cart or prevent rolling when necessary.

Besides, the best junior golf push cart should have bag straps to secure the bag on the cart. For that, this one delivers durable straps for easy securing.

Its independent handle adjustment provides more convenience while using. Also, the adjustable bag saddle makes it perfect for all types of bags.

The only cons I have found is the price. Compared to the features and functionalities it offers, the price is a little bit higher. However, you will get what you pay for.


  • Foldable design for easy carrying and storing
  • Durable and scratch-resistant aluminum construction for durability
  • Console and net for carrying things with you
  • Large and durable wheels allow easy movement
  • Hand brake provides easy parking


  • Expensive cart compared to other carts

What Are the Features to Look For in the Best Junior Push Golf Carts?

If you don’t know which things to consider first while having an amazing junior pushcart then here you are:


Kids do a mistake but a manufacturer should not make a mistake while churning out any pushcart. Here is why the first and foremost task is to make such products durable enough to provide support.

Aside from that, a kid would drive a pushcart in a rough manner. Moreover, the robustness of a cart makes it perfect to handly alongside different terrains.

While folding and dropping it will go under a hard time so having the perfect durable pushcart is a must.


Adult people can cope up sometimes with the tricky part while organizing the pushcart before the golf course. With the storage capacity, a pushcart for kids should be accessible enough so they can easily keep stuff without facing any trouble.

Easy to fold:

We know some pushcart for adults fits well even though they are not easy to fold. Because they come with complicated processes while folding.

But when we look for a pushcart that will serve kids then it must be a breeze with the folding part. Therefore, a kid can easily find it fit inside the travel bag.

Diversified accessories:

A pushcart should design in such a way so one may use it for different climates. For example, on rainy days and sunny days, your kid should experience it with a big umbrella.

On the other hand, during high temperatures, the seat comes with removing seat cover with folding options.

Let’s not forget to say that a cup holder turns out great to keep water bottles. Finally, having a good braking system, compartment for storage, and cup hole are the pre-requisites while buying the best golf pushcart.

The benefit to Using a Junior Golf Push Cart

A pushcart comes with so many benefits and when it comes to playing golf then it seems challenging for a kid. Because he can not able to weigh more than 20 pounds of weight.

Moreover, it becomes hard for him to carry and play at the same time. Even if someone can manage to do so, then he will be exhausted very soon. So hereby the pushcart comes and wins the game as it won’t let a kid tired!

A junior pushcart can help in many ways. One of the common hacks of it is to use while your kid is having a stressful condition, especially with a muscle strain.

We know during golf courses many of us face injuries so a kid is no exception there. Many physicians believe and emphasize not to carry a bag while they are undergoing rigorous golf courses.


1. When Do You Use A Golf Push Cart?

When you carry a large bag and want to walk through the golf court for exercise, you need to use a golf pushcart.

2. What Buyers Should Look for When Purchasing a Golf Push Cart

The buyer should consider the construction, durability, and folding capacity when buying the golf cart. Also, they should look for the wheels, storage capacity, and console for the best result.

3. Why Do Your Kids Need a Junior Golf Push Cart?

The bag that carried the golf equipment for your kids is heavy. If your kids take the bag, it will create pressure on them and that is why you need a junior pushcart.

4. Which is a better 3 or 4 wheel golf push cart?

The 4 wheels golf cart offers better stability and thus ensures better safety. Though 3 wheels cart offers a wide design, a 4 wheels cart will deliver more comfort.

5. Do cart bags fit on pushcarts?

Yes, the pushcarts are designed to carry the cart bags so that you don’t have to carry it on your own.

Final Verdict:

The best junior golf push cart will change the golfing experience for your kids. He or she will find the game more interesting and spend more time on the court.

Also, it will reduce the pressure on them to carry a large bag full of golf equipment.

So make sure you pick the best one for your kids. Our experts have portrayed some good carts for the juniors with their goods and bads.

By reading the review and doing your own research, you can comfortably pick the most suitable one for your kids.