The 7 Best Push Cart Golf Bag to Use in 2022

Carrying your golf equipment with you is a hassle. A good golf bag designed for a pushcart can solve your problem. You can literally take all the gear necessary in the bag for playing golf.

 However, not all bags are suitable for loading on your pushcart. All the bags look the same. But that is not what it looks like. You need the best pushcart golf bag to get the most out of it.

For getting the best one, investing tons of time and effort is mandatory. Our team has spent hours after hours and gone through a lot of alternatives.

After considering construction materials, soft handles, useful pockets, and other key features, our team has come up with some solutions.

Go through the review until the end to check and pick the best golf bag for your pushcart.

Comparison Table (Top 7)




Sun Mountain Golf- 2019 Sync Cart Bag

Cleveland Golf Stand Bag

PING 2018 Hoofer 14 Carry Stand Golf Bag

Titleist Hybrid 14 Golf Bag

OGIO 2020 XIX Women's Cart Bag

Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag

IZZO Golf Izzo Lite Stand Golf Bag

Who’s It For?

Walking instead of riding on the golf court with your peripheral gear is fun. Also, it helps you do your exercise.

When walking, a bag can be the best companion to take your equipment. You can safely take your gears without damaging or breaking them.

Also, it enables you to keep your things organized to find them easily when necessary.

Top 7 Best Golf Bags for Push Carts 2022

1. Sun Mountain Golf- 2019

The 2019 version is one of the most popular sun mountain golf bags you can have. It offers a 9.5″ diameter that helps you keep all of your gears inside the bag.

You will have 15 individual full-length dividers to keep your loads separated. It will help you get organized and find the right equipment quickly from the bag.

In addition to that, 9 compartment Pockets allow keeping more items rapidly.

However, due to the large size with so many dividers and pockets, you may feel it bulky. But if you have many items to carry, then this will be a perfect option.

Besides, the pockets of the pushcart golf bag are forward-facing. It keeps the pockets accessible all the time even when you strap the bag to the cart.

To make the access even more convenient, the sun mountain adds a cart strap pass-through. That means accessing your gears without opening the straps is relatively more comfortable here.

The ventilated cooler pocket keeps your cold drinks to drink water. Since the bag is water-resistant, you can keep your valuable items such as your smartphone, watch, or moneybag in your pocket.

Moreover, its 2 utility handles will help you lift and maneuver the bags. To conclude, golfers who want to carry all their gear with a bag will find the perfect option.


● Multiple dividers to organize

● Different compartment pockets

● Waterproof construction

● Cooler bottle pocket


● Can be bulky for some people 

2. Cleveland Golf Stand Bag

Cleveland Golf Stand Bag is another great bag to have for a pushcart. With its large size and various dividers, you can keep many gears at once.

The 9. 0” diameter along with a 14-way partition will provide ample space to keep all of your gears. You can put more than 20 clubs inside the bags.

Along with the dividers, you will find 13 Convenience pockets to keep your balls and other gears. The pockets feature waterproof zippers. It allows you to keep valuable items such as watches, smartphones, parts, and others. 

However, it cannot withstand heavy rain at all. So if there is any chance of rain, don’t take a chance to put your valuables.

An insulated cooler bottle pocket will help you keep your cold drink bottle. Its handles on the top are highly sturdy and you can fit the clubs nicely into the organizer. 

You will get 8 grab handles that will help load easily. Unfortunately, some people do not like those sturdy handles. Instead, they prefer a little bit more flexibility. 

Apart from that, the grip leg end caps make it easy to put the bag in a pull cart. It also has a leg containment strap that will let you secure the bag when carrying it with a cart. 


● Large divider to organize better

● Multiple well-designed pockets

● Waterproof zipper

● Sturdy handles


● The handles could be more flexible

3. PING 2018 Hoofer 14 Carry Stand Golf Bag

If you need a good ping traverse cart bag 2022, you may pick this model. The ping golf bag offers a large size to provide ample space for your gears. Its 14 dividers will let you keep all of your gears organized.

Besides, the 12 pockets allow you to add more equipment and find it easily when necessary. Unlike other bags, you won’t find a nonsense pocket throughout the bags. All the pockets are where they should be.

Along with that, a few pockets are padded, so you can put your valuable items in those. It also has a cart strap to secure the bag when carrying.

Sometimes, the straps cause problems when accessing the pockets. This bag offers a pass-thru channel that will go through behind the pockets for easy access.

The sensor cool technology allows the user to keep cold drinks cold. Also, its padded shoulder straps make it possible to carry the bag without a pushcart.

With its durable construction, you can expect a long service life. Its stitches are reinforced properly through all the major pressure points. The fabric is durable as well.

One downside we have found is that the dividers do not go full length. It may reduce the overall divider size. However, if you don’t want to stuff so many gears, then this is not going to be a big problem at all.


● Many dividers and pockets to keep gears organized

● Durable construction

● Straps for securing the bag

● Padded shoulder strap


● Dividers do not go full length

4. Titleist Hybrid 14 Golf Bag

Built to offer durability and comfort- Titleist Hybrid 14 Golf Bag makes it position secured in the golf bag industry. With its 14 dividers, putting your clubs is easier than ever.

In addition, its double apparel pockets deliver maximum storage to keep all other gears you have for your golf play.

In the pockets, you can keep balls, water bottles, and others and organize them to find easily. The high-grade aluminum legs will provide durability. Also, its modern hinged bottom delivers additional stability to carry on the cart.

You will get a Self-balancing comfortable strap system that will secure the bag on the cart. So that you don’t have any problem accessing the pockets, it features specially designed integrated cart strap tunnels.

The dual-density foam strap will deliver cushioning for added comfort and durability.

Also, its low-profile top cuff distributes the club’s weight evenly. It will help you carry the bag with or without the cart comfortably.

Moreover, its tour-inspired handles make the load up easier than ever. Since the bag is lightweight enough, carrying the bag is not a problem.

Despite the lightweight design, the construction is sturdy. You can expect a good lifespan from these amazing bags. Like the previous one, all of the dividers aren’t in full length here which you may find inconvenient. 


● Self-balancing comfortable strap

● Durable aluminum legs

● Integrated handles

● Easily accessible cart strap tunnel


● Most club dividers aren’t full length

5. OGIO 2020 XIX Women’s Cart Bag

If you are a woman and looking for a suitable push cart bag, then consider OGIO Women’s Cart Bag. It is designed and built specifically for women with high performance and large storage.

You can put big and small items such as bottles, clubs, clothing, jewelry, and even cell phones.

Its 14-way club divider will let you keep things organized. Also, its fleece-lined valuables pockets will keep your valuable items.

Since the pockets are water-resistant, they will stay safe during light rain. But don’t rely on it in the heavy rain. The club dividers are nice and easily accessible. You will have cooler pockets too to keep cold drinks and keep yourself hydrated in summer.

The hip part is designed especially for women to provide additional comfort. Its comfort strap and durable handle will let you load up the bag into the cart easily. Also, it allows you to carry the bag on your shoulder. 

A good bag should be lightweight yet durable to carry on the pushcart. The Ogio bag is lightweight and makes it easy to carry.

Also, the durable fabric prolongs durability and provides comfortable carrying.

Not all the women’s pushcart golf bags have to be pink. Keeping that in mind, it comes with a classic aqua and black color that shows your elegance.

Unfortunately, the company uses cheap plastic to make the zipper pulls. You may experience breaking up of zipper pulls.


● Elegance look

● Large storage 

● Multiple dividers and pockets

● Lightweight and durable


● Plastic made Zipper

6. Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag

You cannot complete the list of the best golf bag 2022 without a sun mountain sync cart bag. Its smart design will suit your cart perfectly. The 14 individual full-length dividers will keep your clubs protected. Also, it will avoid the club shafts’ migration. 

Along with that, its ten pockets will let you put all your necessary items easily. The apparel pocket for clothes, a cooler pocket for cold drinks, and others for other purposes.

Since all the pockets are water-resistance, light rain or water splash won’t damage your valuable items.

Also, all the pockets are forward-facing which ensures easy access when carrying. The smart Strap system will secure the bag to your pushcart perfectly. Its two Velcro straps will prevent twisting on the cart to allow better access to the pockets. 

You will get a matching rain hood that makes it perfect for use in any weather. The construction is durable to handle the pressure. Its durable fabric will provide comfort while carrying as well. 

Unfortunately, when not in use, you cannot keep it standing. You have to lay it down. 


● Full-length drivers

● Multiple water-resistant pockets

● Smart strap system for easy load up

● Durable construction


● Cannot stand 

7. IZZO Golf Izzo Lite Stand Golf Bag

IZZO Golf Izzo Lite Stand Golf Bag comes with a lightweight and durable design. Its ultra-lightweight design will enhance the portability of your items. It comes with six club dividers that will keep your clubs separated from one another. 

Since the dividers are full length, you won’t need to push hard to organize your gears. However, unlike other bags on the list, you won’t find so many dividers here.

Besides, it has water-resistant pockets to keep your valuable items. The pockets are easy to open and close for more convenience. You can load up the bag on the cart for its dual straps.

The best pushcart golf bag should offer a lightweight design. For that, this offers a design with a 4. 5 lbs. weight. 

The heavy-duty nylon construction will prolong the durability of the bag. Also, it delivers comfort while carrying on your shoulders. 

A metal towel loop allows you to keep your towel to use. You will also have a Velcro glove holder for more convenient use. Its insulated cooler pocket will help you keep your cold drinks cold in hot summer. 

Moreover, the durable leg mechanism will provide a solid standing for the bag. You will have smart Grip technology, so you can easily carry or load up the bag on the cart.


● Full-length dividers

● Easy to open/close pockets

● Comfortable handle grip

● Lightweight design


● Not so many dividers

Difference between BUGGY CART golf bags and PUSHCART golf bags

The main difference between the BUGGY CART golf bags and PUSHCART golf bags is the design of the top part. When it comes to the first one, the top part comes with a wedge shape to extend upward. It makes the opening and closing difficult for the users.

On the contrary, the pushcart golf bag is designed with a pretty flat layout. It allows you to put the clubs properly and in a more organized way. Some bags come with forward-facing pockets that enable easy access.

Buyer’s Guide: What to look for the best pushcart Golf bag

When you don’t have a vast knowledge of a golf bag, finding the best pushcart golf bag becomes tough. Especially when you are purchasing for the first time.

So let’s have a look at the factors that you should look at when purchasing a good push cart golf bag.


Space determines the number of items you can put in your bag. If you want to carry a lot of gear, clothes, and valuable items in your bag, it has to be large in space.

A decent space will help you carry all of your golf equipment.


You need to keep your clubs separated to prevent any breakage. Also, to keep your other gears organized, it is mandatory to have dividers. In general, having 14 dividers is common in the golf bag.

But some features fewer dividers that may hinder carrying more clubs. So consider having the right number of dividers according to your needs.


Along with dividers, pockets play an important role in keeping things organized. You can put small and valuable items in your pockets as well.

So make sure there are plenty of useful pockets. Also, consider looking for a cooler pocket to carry your cold drink.


The pockets or dividers should be forward-facing. It will help you open the bag easily even when carrying on the cart.

If the opening and closing are not possible, you may need to open all the straps to get your stuff. So look for forward-facing pockets.

Also, the straps should go beside the pocket so they do not block access to the bag.


For easy load up, having a good handle is important. Otherwise, you may suffer loading up the bag on the cart. Also, it will make it tougher to move your bag. So consider having flexible and comfortable handles.


Finally, look for a good construction since it will determine durability and longevity. For that, look at the fabric, zipper pulls, and quality. Make sure the bag is lightweight and comes with proper height.

Also, check whether it is water-resistant or not. It should stand for better moving as well.

Why Do You Need a Push Cart (or Pull Cart)?

Why should you use a pushcart or pull card instead of carrying the bag on your shoulder? Well, of course, the main reason is exercise. Some people love doing exercise in the golf cart while taking the bag.

Also, some people are gaining more weight and it becomes a problem. Walking with the cart is a great way to reduce weight if you can do it with a proper diet.

Besides, when you have a pushcart, it allows you to take more items with you. It is not possible to carry a large pushcart golf bag on your shoulder with so many gears. For that, a good push or pull cart will be a good option to pick.

With the cart, you can take all your necessary items and walk with your friend. It allows you to spend time with friends while walking with the cart.

Apart from that, a push or pull cart makes your life easier by making things organized. You can keep things more organized with the cart.


1. Q: What To Look for When Choosing A Golf Bag For Your Push Cart

When purchasing a pushcart golf bag, you need to consider the construction, dividers, pockets, and opening. Also, look at the storage, handles, and strap to get the best one.

2. Q: Do stand bags fit on pushcarts?

Yes, if you have a stand bag, it will fit on your pushcart. Some people love to have a stand bag so that when not in use, it can stand easily for better maneuvering.

3. Q: Is a cart bag or stand bag better?

Cart bag offers more space and easy portability for the users to take more gear. Where a stand bag is smaller and easy to maneuver. So depending on your needs, you can pick the right one.

4. Q: Do cart bags fit on trolleys/pushcarts?

Yes, if you have a cart bag, it will certainly fit on your trolley or pushcart. You can take all of your golf gear in the bag.

5. Q: Looking For More CONSISTENCY in your game?

To get consistent results in your game, make sure you practice regularly. Also, try to maintain your fitness and buy proper instruments for playing.

6. Q: Should I buy a bag from one of the big equipment brands?

A good brand ensures trust, quality, and performance. That is why it is always better to purchase a bag from a reputable brand.

7. Q: Why Do You Need a Push Cart (or Pull Cart)?

A pushcart will help you do more exercise on the golf cart that will help you stay fit. Also, it will help you take all of your gears without any hassle.

8. Q: What To Look For in a Golf Push Cart

For a good pushcart, consider having a good number of wheels with durable construction. Also, the storage should be larger, the seat, brake system, and accessories should be good in quality.

9. Q: Which is a better 3 or 4 wheel golf push cart?

Both have their own pros and cons. A 3 wheel cart will deliver easy maneuvering and movement with large space. The 4 wheels cart will ensure a compact design for easy storage.

10. Q: Why do you need a golf cart?

A golf cart helps you move from one side to another side of your golf court easily. You can take your gears with you without pressuring your body.

The Final Word

The best pushcart golf bag should provide ample space to keep all of your gears. Also, it should offer durable construction, full-length dividers, and pockets.

Considering all those facts, our expert team has reviewed some top-rated push cart golf bags for you. It will help you pick the best one.

A good bag will be a great companion for your golf practice. It allows you to take all your necessary gear with you. Also, you can do better exercise when carrying a bag.

To conclude, a good cart bag will change the golf experience and make it better.