How to Choose Golf Clubs for your Height?

A correct golf club size helps you become a better golfer and makes the game more enjoyable. On the other hand, incorrect club height will have the exact opposite effect. But what is the correct club size for you?

Well, it depends on many factors such as the different types of a golf club, your swing style, posture, and skill level. But above all, it depends on your height.

The most crucial matter for choosing a correct golf club depends on your height.

When you are a beginner, golf can seem a tad bit complicated. At first, the different types of golf clubs looked the same. But later, you can realize the subtle differences in each.

However, to make this selection easier, we prepared a guide by which you can learn how to choose golf clubs for your height. So stays with us until the end.

Why Fitting for Heights is Important?

Playing with either too short or too height heightened clubs can cause a golfer to change their stance negatively. And it can lead to subconscious swing amends that can result in irrational ball striking.

However, if a player uses short clubs, they will bend over too much from the loin in their address position. Oppositely, that clubs are too long will require the player to stand too steep. Both of these adjustments could negatively affect your career.

If the club’s length is correct, the players will be able to take a suitable position only if it is calibrated to the height of the golfer. That will allow them the correct swing action, which will give them the best chance to have constancy in their ball striking.

There are two essential shaft heights they are

  •         The driver and
  •         The irons.

Shaft Heights in Drivers

 The heights shaft in your driver is essential because it plays an essential role in determining how fast you can swing the club. Also, it helps the club’s path and angle of attack and, ultimately, how well you’re able to make center-face contact.

However, a simple analysis of the golf clubs clarifies that all things being equal, the higher the shaft, the faster the clubhead speed.

On the other hand, a higher shaft will generate more distance than a shorter shaft.

In the past, the standard club height of drivers was 43”. But now, it is 45”, and some manufacturers have gone to 45.5” as their norm.

However, studies have shown that the height of the shaft is not the essential factor in creating distance with the driver. Instead, the most crucial factor is the golfer’s ability to hit the ball on the clubface’s correct spot.

So, what is the ideal length for your driver? Generally, this may be the current industry standard of 45” for some players, or it may be a bit short for others.

Shaft Length in Irons

In irons, optimal club length is usually determined by a set of measurements that calculate the player’s height, arm length, and swing posture, which is more than the driver’s.

Obviously, a taller player would not benefit from using such golf clubs designed for a shorter player and vice versa.

Consequently, there are many height players for whom standard length clubs would be recommended, but much taller or much shorter players need to shaft length modifications to suit their respective statutes.

But how much extra length needs a taller player? And, how much should be cut down for shorter players? The following measurement techniques will describe this.


If you want to be a pro golfer, then you must know how to choose golf clubs for your height. Generally, three methods are used to determine the height of golf clubs they are_

  •        Overall height (static)
  •        Secondly, Wrist-to-floor measurement (static)
  •        Finally, In-swing considerations (dynamic)

Overall height (static)

First of all, your proper club length starts with your overall height measurement. It is one of the most basic methods of identifying the appropriate club length, though it does not offer enough information for an accurate determination.

This method uses a player’s overall height.

This table provides a preliminary view of the recommended length.


Height (Feet/inches) Club length Adjustment
6’8’’+ Add 2’’
6’6’’-6’8’’ Add 1.5’’
6’4’’-6’6’’ Add 1’’
6’2’’-6’4’’ Add .5’’
6’1’’-6’2’’ Add .25’’
5’7’’-6’1’’ Standard
5’4’’-5’7’’ Subtract .25’’
5’2’’-5’4’’ Subtract .5’’
5’0’’-5’2’’ Subtract 1’’
4’10’’-5’0’’ Subtract 1.5’’
<4’10’’ Subtract 2’’

As stated above, overall height is an incomplete measurement for identifying proper club length. To make the process more accurate, overall height needs to combine with another static measurement process, the wrist-to-floor calculation.

Wrist-to-floor measurement: (static)

Generally, the Wrist-to-Floor Measurement for determining correct club length is a standard, frequently-used metric. It is so pervasive club fitting that it adds an additional layer to the measurement, which improves its validity.

Because of the difference in the arm or leg lengths, two people of the same height can have totally different wrist-to-floor measurements. So, this measurement is an essential element in the fitting process.

At the time of your wrist-to-floor measurement, stand as straight as possible, letting your arms hang loosely at your sides. And, tell your aide to measure from the top of your wrist, where the top of the club would be, to the floor.

So by following the table below, you can determine what adjustment from the standard you would need when buying new clubs.

Height (feet/inches) Wrist-to-Floor Measurement Club Length Adjustment
6’8’’+ >42’’ Add  2’’
6’6’’-6’8’’ 41’’-42’’ Add  1.5’’
6’4’’-6’6’’ 40’’-41’’ Add  1’’
6’2’’-6’4’’ 38.5’’-40’’ Add .5’’
6’1’’-6’2’’ 37’’-38.5’’ Add .25’’
5’7’’-6’1’’ 34’’-37’’ Standard
5’4’’-5’7’’ 32’’-34’’ Subtract .25’’
5’2’’-5’4’’ 29’’-34’’ Subtract .5’’
5’0’’-5’2’’ 27’’-29’’ Subtract 1’’
4’10’’-5’0’’ 25’’-27’’ Subtract 1.5’’
<4’10’’ <25’’ Subtract 2’’

In-Swing Considerations (Dynamic Fitting)

The previous two measurements are “static” club fitting methods because the player is measured while still.

And a professional golfer will often add an additional element into their club fitting sessions, which is the supplement for static measurements. At that time, the “dynamic measurement” process is used. 

At the time of dynamic club fitting, a player is evaluated during his course of their actual swing movement, with measurements taken at impact and by observing ball flight.

When the player hits balls, the fitter can observe if the golfer has stance-related issues in their swing that could cause him to change his shaft length assessment potentially.

For example, when a golfer hits the ball, they may bend over significantly at the waist in his setup, which carries through to his impact position.

By swinging in this fashion, a player may need shorter or higher clubs than the length identified during the static measurements.

At last, it can say that the calculation combining statics and the dynamic method can provide an exact golf club’s height.

How to Measure Golf Clubs for Women?

To determine an exact golf club for women is not hard. By following the steps below, one can quickly determine the right golf club for women.

Step 1. Firstly, measure your height standing straight. To get the most accurate measurements, tell any second person to assist you.

Step 2. Secondly, stand hanging your hands loosely by your side. Tell any second person to measure the distance from where your wrist hinges to the ground, going straight down. This is the measurement of your wrist-to-floor.

Step 3.  Then, uses the above “Golf Club Measurement Table”. Find the correct row on the measurement table for the distance that equals your wrist-to-floor measurement.

This cell’s value is shaft length that needs to be added or subtracted for your body size. Both women and men can follow this chart.

Step 4. Finally, follow the “Dynamic Fitting” guide and calculate an exact golf club for women.

What is the standard length of a golf club?

Generally, there is not any standard length of a club in golf. So, club makers industries are free to make clubs that they feel are appropriate for a golfer.

However, there is a limitation. According to USGA, the length of a golf club should not excel 48 inches.

So, the length Of a Golf Club will be either 48 inches or lower. Among these limitations, you can get club sizes of any length depending on your height or playing style.


Does the exact height of golf clubs is important for a golfer?

Answer: Yes, because playing by clubs that are either too short or too long can cause a golfer to change their stance, which could negatively affect their careers.

How high should you hit a 7 iron?

Answer: Generally, it is different for men and women. Usually, men hit their 7 iron 185 yards, and women often hit their 7 iron 160 yards.

However, the pro golfers who have spent their entire lives swinging golf clubs only can hit the ball such far distances.

Do shorter golfers need shorter clubs?

Answer: Shorter golfers better serve with shorter clubs, so shorter golfers should use shorter clubs.

Conclusive Discussion:

 Above all, we can hope that now you can know how to choose golf clubs for your height. We tried and researched a lot to explain the whole thing simply and easily.

If you have any queries, then feel free to knock us by comment box. We will try to appreciate your questions.