How To Clean a Golf Bag?

A golf bag is an essential accessory to the golf game. Only a golfer knows the importance of a golf bag. When you play golf games regularly, however, you will need a golf bag. But Over time, mud, sand, grass, and other dust can make the bag old and unpleasant.

There are various types of golf bags. But leather and canvas are the most common types of golf club bags out there. If your favorite golf bag gets old and unpleasant, don’t worry.

This article will show you how to clean a golf bag and give it a look like new.

So let’s get started…

How To Clean a Golf Bag? Materials Needed to Clean:

The process of cleaning a golf bag is much more straightforward than you think. Whatever for cleaning your golf bag, you need some tools that are given below.

For Leather Golf Bag:

  • Vacuum
  • Dry Wipe
  • A Spoon
  • Seal
  • A Dryer

For Canvas Golf Bag:   

  • Vacuum
  • Treat Spots      
  • Scrubbing
  • Spot Sponge
  • Dryer

How to Clean a Leather Golf Bag:

To know the cleaning process of the leather golf bag, you should know what leather is.

The answer will like that leather is a natural polymer. Polymers, on a molecular level, are solid. And they’re able to prevent just about everything.

Naturally occurring polymers have some weaknesses, so you have to be careful to follow these steps and ensure cleaning your leather golf bag.


Leather stitched together, not molded, so it’s logical to think that dirt and debris could get in between those stitches.

Using the vacuum cleaner, one can clean up his golf bags’ dust hidden on the stitched and other places. Vacuum cleaner takes up dust by its nozzle narrower attachment.

It also sucks up as much of the dirt out of those spots in your bag and exterior pockets.

This activity makes the cleaning process more manageable and takes out the dust before cleaning liquids.


Now take a clean paper towel, cotton rag, or anything that you can contain your hands quickly. Then put your golf bag up on a table or surface.

After that, wipe off the bottom, handles, and the main surface of it carefully. It helps to wipe away debris and dirt from the interior pockets.


The cardinal sin of leather is using a harsh chemical like bleach. Just because there is something is on the shelf doesn’t mean it’s suitable for the leather.

Though leather is a natural polymer, there is a way by which it can break down, usually through synthetic means. 

Use rubbing alcohol to wipe away the spots on leather, such as grass stains, by mildly dipping a cotton swab into a shallow bowl of it.


Take a spoon, a cotton rag, or a microfiber cloth. Now wrap the cotton rag or microfiber cloth around a regular dinner spoon.

You can use the spoon as a handle smoothly to wipe around the golf bag’s interior and pockets.


Do not put your leather bag in the sun. Note: Don’t use a hand dryer to dry it. Hang it upside-down so that gravity can do some of the work and let it dry.

You may use a cooling fan for blowing on it if you wish, but nothing with a rampant temperature change. This can take some time to dry.


The leather needs to be sealed off after it’s been cleaned. You don’t have to polish it, but sealing helps the leather prevent dirt and debris from being absorbed into imperfections.

If you’ve ever seen leather that’s specifically worn-out in one area, that’s because it had been a weak spot—which can’t be helped in naturally occurring polymers—and it had been not sealed or protected correctly.

That’s not what you would like to happen to your leather.


The sealer doesn’t take a long time to dry, but it needs to have the package-recommended amount dry before you stuff your clubs back in.

Generally, leather is easier to clean than canvas. So by following all the steps, you can easily clean your leather golf bag. Finally, you’ll fortify it against further dirt and damage with a good seal.

How to Clean a Canvas Golf Bag?

Canvas is resilient like leather, but it’s not as puncture-resistant as leather is. Against regular rub and use, it will last you for ages if you maintain it properly.

Cleaning a canvas golf bag is not too difficult. By following the steps given below, you can easily clean your canvas golf bag.


Vacuuming helps clean up loose dirt that could otherwise unintentionally be rubbed into the canvas and spots stitched together.

Nearly like with our leather bag cleaning instructions, use the narrowing tool for your vacuum’s nozzle to reach the corners without being too harsh. This will pick up the majority of the dirt.


By spot treating, we mean taking a non-abrasive or harsh chemical and applying concentrated amounts of it to spotted areas on your canvas.

Most notably, in the example of golf bags, grass stains and dust will be the two most significant issues you’ll face.

By using a gentle nylon bristle brush, you can gently rub the spotted area into the canvas. This will work sincerely to remove the stain, if all goes well, and make later stages much easier


If the canvas is thicker due to tighter thread counts, it’s less possible for dirt to enter, but it doesn’t want to leave when dirt gets in.

You can use a nylon brush and some warm water to scrub or circle into your nylon bag and lift that dirt out.


You can use a sponge to dampen and wring it out thoroughly. Go over those treated spots from earlier, gently dabbing to tug up any dirty water and discoloration which will have risen to the surface during step three.

You can do that in any area that appears to possess been a small too saturated with water. This may expedite the drying process.


Most of the golf bags are more extensive and fit inside of your dryer. Drying a canvas bag is just more egregious than drying out a leather one.

You should not use high heat, but you can hang it upside-down to allow gravity to do some of the work if you want.

There’s a tip below in your canvas bag that will help it retain its shape. Bear in mind that canvas is more porous than leather so drying times will take a lot longer.

Now you can hope your canvas bag to take anywhere from one to three days to dry thoroughly. Finally, you will be able to use it like new.

How to Clean the interior Part of Golf Bag

It is essential to know how to can clean the inside part of your golf bag. For cleaning the inside part of your golf bag, you may follow two methods. Now, we are going to share those methods, and here, they are-

Method No. 1:

This method is straightforward. You need to wash your golf bag with clean water. Now scrub the bag with a clean cloth by using the cleaning water.

After cleaning, you need to let your bag dry for a few hours under a fan. Many golfers follow this method to clean the interior part of their golf bags.

Method No. 2:

The following method is washing your bag with mild soap. In this cleaning method, you will need a long time, and you will have to give some labor.

It is the same as cleaning the outside of the bag. After cleaning, you will need to let your bag dry for a few hours under a shaded area.

Frequently asked questions:

How do you clean a nylon golf bag?

Answer: At first, empty the golf bag. Then properly vacuum all over the inside and outside. You can clean nylon golf bags with warm water and a drop of detergent in the second step.

In this step, you can use gall soap because it works best to clean the golf bag, which is made with nylon or polyester. At last, dry it at a low temperature.

How do you clean a fabric bag?

  • Remove all the contents from your bag.
  • Then lightly spray water all over the bag.
  • Mix mild soap in some warm water and use a clean cloth to scrub the bag clean.      
  • Continue scrubbing and rubbing slowly.  
  • After this, wash out the bag with clean water.
  • After cleaning the bag, allow it to dry overnight or in a shaded area.

How do you get the musty smell out of a golf bag?

Answer: With proper cleaning and perfume spray, you can keep your bag musty smell-free.

Conclusive Discussion:

Above all, we can hope that now you are able to know how to clean a golf bag. We tried and researched a lot to explain the whole thing and quickly.

If you have any queries, then feel free to knock us by comment box, and we will try to appreciate your questions.