How to lift a golf cart without a kit

Golf Cart for the Smart Person offers an amazing array of designs and refinements that make it a great vehicle for any driving situation. For example, you may affix a lift kit to your car to make it smaller but more powerful.

However, you can want to upgrade your vehicle without a pre-existing lift kit. Prior to you start removing tires from your car and adding new tires and other things, you need to understand how to lift a golf cart without a kit to easily increase the height of your vehicle.

Whatever if you do not have the kit and want to lift your car, then follow our instructions.

What do we mean by a Golf Cart Lift Kit?

The Golf Car lift kit is a particularly engineered kit that can be installed in your cart. It helps to increase the height of your golf cart up to 3 to 8 inches.

The golf cart lift kit provides extra space in your cart and is especially suitable for driving on uneven surfaces. It also provides you with more riding space, and you can put tires and rear wheels on your car.

A lift of fewer than two inches may change your speed.

Is it really possible to lift a cart without a lift kit?

The short answer is yes. You can make it, although there are many reasons to use a lift kit. Safety is the most significant reason for going with a kit.

Security is important. If there is no suitable mounting kit, you can remove the wheels. As you may think, it is dangerous because the tires can drop while driving.

Many cities, such as Toledo, now have laws that allow golf carts on city streets. There are many reasons to use the right tools.

There is one more reason to always use the lift kits rather than making the appearance yourself. Engineers design and make these kits for performance and style. The outcome is an attractive and balanced cart at all times.

Lastly, if you do not use the kit, it could damage the golf card. The big wheels put the frame under stress. The kit comes with the special scales needed to mount the wheels and support the bodywork.

The process of lifting a golf cart without a kit

Create your own kit

If you want to lift your cart without the kit, feel free to choose the appropriate parts for the different types of aftermarket brands.

You can save money by working there. The main advantage of this process is that you may get the last part from any resource instead of having to put it in the kits. That way, you can customize the lift and feel the way you want.

You can get arms for the front with longer shocks, springs, and axles, allowing you a super boost in height and travel with a gorgeous custom look, and then add custom independent rear suspension for an even smoother ride over the craziest terrain around.

If you decide to build your own kit, make sure that the front and rear either elevate the same amount or that the wheels you get make it mostly level. A front lean would look really cool, but it can get pretty uncomfortable on a golf cart.

Place the Supportive Plate

After removing the bars and A-arms, you may install the supportive panels on the front and rear of the vehicle. This plate is close to the place you put it and gives you extra strength for your vehicle’s lift kit.

Stop the Axles

Now you need to shift it from the car. The system is very complex and requires complex technical skills that you do not have. When you are happy with this move, you may move on to other steps, including freeing your arms.

 Adjust the Angles rightly.

Once your vehicle is lifted, your vehicle’s rotation and thrust may change. This condition is annoying because if you don’t adjust the angle to stay in the center, the car’s speed can go wrong.

If you are not satisfied with the procedure, talk to a professional cart specialist.

Install Your Latest Axles

At this time, you have to hold your new and long axles in your own hands. Don’t forget to carefully adjust the length and tail of this car to maintain grip while driving.

Modification or Fabrication

In case of modification and fabrication, you will save a lot of money; however, make sure that you have the correct equipment and technical knowledge.

The bug may require the same batch value before upgrading, so you have to be careful.

A very common task I’d never seen before was throwing me into old lanes and steering wheels. This will keep the track in front of the wheel and not only lift it 5 inches but it will also raise the axle to clear it off the ground.

Remove Cart Tires

Use the appropriate tool to remove the wheel from the golf cart. Make sure the bolts and nuts are close to the wheels. This way, you may avoid delays in pulling the car back.

Affix the Shocks, A-Arms, and Springs

Add A-Arms to your new longer arms and adjust. Be sure to add springs and shocks to add extra support to your vehicle. You may need someone else to help you with this.

The causes of lift a car without a kit

Prove Your Technician Skills

Some technicians, professional or non-professional, may feel the need to compete from time to time. Improving your keyless golf cart is a supreme challenge and will make you more proficient in your skills.

Make Your Cart Personal

The lift kit may do a lot for your car, something that might disappoint you if you want a personal impact on your style. However, upgrading the lift without a kit dispels many restrictions and makes the system easier.

Save Your Money

If you do not want to spend money on upgrading the lift of your car, then lifting without a kit is a great option.

You can not only cover the cost of the kit but also cover the setting cost of the lift kit by hiring professional staff.

Increase the strength of your Cart’s Chassis

Skilled technicians can improve the performance of your vehicle by upgrading without a lifting kit. This strong reinforcement is due to the fact that you may add support material such as steel bars so that the kit does not rise.

Conclusive Discussion

In reality, it is very difficult and challenging to lift a golf cart without a lift kit. However, we tried our best to provide you with a simple concept of how to lift a golf cart without a kit easily.

If you have any inquiries about this topic, then knock us to the comment section.