How To Use a Golf Rangefinder?

Isn’t it exciting to own the latest Rangefinder? But at the same time, it makes you concerned about how to use a golf rangefinder.

Most experienced golfers use rangefinders to hit their target accurately. But if you are new in the golfer community, you may find it a little difficult to learn the proper use.

This article will try to help you out and give you a clear concept of various types of rangefinders and their usage.

Why should you use rangefinders?

  • Rangefinders help the golfers to calculate distance and hit the target accurately.
  • They instruct you at which angle you have to hit the ball and the right club to use.
  • They quicken your game.
  • Easy to carry and use. You can effortlessly carry them anywhere on the course. 
  • They are user-friendly and portable.
  • They improve your proficiency.

How to use a golf rangefinder?

How to use a golf rangefinder? The most common question from a new golfer. You can follow the manufacturer’s instructions. But honestly, that will give a basic idea. To be a pro, you have to practice regularly. 

Here is the basic procedure:

  • Focus on your target
  • Turn on the Rangefinder
  • See-through the lenses and have a clear vision of your target
  • Aim your target 

If you are using a GPS rangefinder, you don’t have to aim at the target. What you have to do is just select the target you want to hit.

GPS target locking feature will atomically detect your target and will measure the accurate distance between you and your target.

But if you are using a Laser Rangefinder, you have to focus, aim your target accurately and press the button simultaneously. Otherwise, you will miss your target.

Usage of rangefinders according to their types

The usage of rangefinders depends on the type of it. There are three types of Rangefinder in the market Optical Rangefinder, Laser Rangefinder, and GPS Rangefinder. 

Optical Rangefinder

Optical Rangefinder is not used much nowadays. It doesn’t need any battery. You have to hold the Rangefinder steady and aim at your target. It will give you the distance.

But it doesn’t give the exact distance like GPS or Laser rangefinder. 

GPS Golf Rangefinder

To use GPS rangefinders, firstly, you need to upload your course map. The latest rangefinders offer pre-loaded golf courses. So it’s simply child’s play to start operating the best golf rangefinder.

If your golf course map is not uploaded to your Rangefinder, you can manually upload it. As soon as the map is uploaded, turn on the Rangefinder. It may take a while to connect to the satellites.  

GPS rangefinders require an internet connection to upload the map and connect to the satellite. If you are out of network, GPS rangefinders can’t serve you.

After connecting to the satellite, it notifies your location. Then you can select the target hole you want to hit. GPS rangefinder’s target locking feature tracks the accurate target and distance between you and your target.

It also informs about the hindrance round the shot.

The precision of every shot depends much on the GPS signal and the accuracy of the uploaded map.

Laser Golf Rangefinder

Laser rangefinders give futuristic design and pinpoint accuracy. They offer 4 different modes: distance measuring mood, pin seeker mode, fog mode, and speed mode.

Laser golf rangefinder comes with various technologies that confirm the right yardage every time. It has a pin finder option that calculates the distance between 5 to 1200 yards. 

 To use a laser rangefinder, firstly turn it on and select the model according to your requirement and aim at the target.  

In the beginning, you may find it difficult to aim. But you know “Practice makes a man perfect .”You have to hold the Rangefinder steady when aiming at the target. Once you track the rhythm, it will be fun to play golf.

Frequently asked questions about golf rangefinder

Q:1: How to hold a rangefinder steady?

Ans: Almost all golfers find it difficult to hold the Rangefinder steady when they use a rangefinder for the first time. To become professional, you have to practice regularly. You can follow the techniques below:

  • Stand in the right position and hold the Rangefinder firmly.
  • Take a deep breath and relax.
  • Keep your eye on the target and focus.
  • Make sure you are not shaking your fingers while pressing the button.
  • Try to practice regularly.

Q:2: How to use a golf rangefinder scope?

Ans: A rangefinder can calculate distance over steep hills and slopes. But at first, you can start with unobstructed views to get an idea. 

  • Firstly, stand close to your ball and hold the Rangefinder. 
  • Then press the measuring button.
  • After a few seconds, your device will calculate the distance.

Once you gather some practical knowledge, you can start practicing with a target that has obstacles like trees, steep hills, slops.

When you know exactly how to use a golf scope, playing golf will be easier and more interesting than ever before.

Q:3: How to use a blue tees golf rangefinder?

Ans: Blue tees golf rangefinders are dominating the market. They ensure the best quality, consistency, and features. Here is the basic procedure:

  • Remove the plastic from the battery.
  • To get the best visibility, hold the Rangefinder half an inch from your eye.
  • To adjust the focus, you can twist the eyepiece.

Final Words 

A rangefinder will take you a long way to have good control over your shot. If you want to spend a good time playing golf, then leave the measurement work on rangefinders. They will improve your skill and help you to be a pro golfer.