What wedges should a beginner carry?

 I saw many newbie gofers having problems with choosing the perfect wedge. To be honest, it’s actually difficult for beginners. If you are facing the same issue then the article is for you.

A wedge is a regular tool in golf. It adds consistency to your game. It gives you more control and accuracy over your shot.

 In this article, I will try to give a complete guideline about “what wedges should a beginner carry”

Tips for Beginners to Choose a Wedge

  • Choose a wedge that offers sole grinds. Nowadays manufacturers add shape to the sole of the wedge to let the players hit better shots.
  • Consider the bounce of the wedge. There are three types of bounce: 
  1. Low Bounce Wedge        
  2. Mid Bounce Wedge   
  3. High Bounce Wedge
  • Take a look at the shape and weight of the wedge. Don’t neglect your comfort.
  • Check out the materials that suit your needs. For example, there are steel wedges, titanium wedges, and others.
  • The golf course you will be playing. For example, if you are playing in sand or mud you will need a sand wedge to get off the sand bunkers or sand traps.

Types of wedges and their usages

Pitching wedge

Pitching wedges deliver consistency and fuel creativity around the green. You can use this wedge in firm conditions, sand, or deep rough.

They are designed for the players to get a more consistent contact with the ball. As a result, you will get maximum spin and control on every shot.

The standard pitching wedge loft is between 44 and 50 degrees. If you want a shot between 110 to 140 yards then a pitching wedge is ideal for you.

Sand wedge

Sand wedges are open-faced wedges. They are mainly designed to glide through the sand traps or sand bunkers.

The widest sole that gives the greatest amount of bounce. They can give you an advantage in thick rough, soggy ground, mud, or in any other soft lies. Moreover, they can be used anywhere.

The loft is between 54 and 58 degrees. If you want to hit a shot between 70 to 90 yards a sand wedge is ideal for you.

Lob wedge

As a pro golfer, you should know When To Use What Golf Club. Lob wedges are the shortest hitting clubs. These are designed to play high shots over trees, hazards, or other obstructs.

You can also use a lob wedge to produce backspin. Its sophisticated design allows to play shots higher in the air and get less roll on the landing surface.

There are a variety of lofts in lob wedge. The standard lob wedge loft is between 56 and 60 degrees.

Gap wedge

Gap wedges are designed to hit higher shots with more accuracy. Its modified bounce angles are used for dead stop spin.  You can use this wedge in sand, rough, or fairway.

Basically, a Gap wedge is used to hit a shot higher than a pitching wedge and lower than a sand wedge. If you want to hit the ball high and play a shot around 100 yards, then a gap wedge is ideal.

This wedge will hit your ball high enough to overcome all obstacles like trees, bushes, etc.

The clubface loft of gap wedges is between 51 degrees and 54 degrees. You can take this golf club as an alternative to a 9-iron.

Things you should consider during buying a wedge

Best Golf Irons or Wedges help you to add consistency and precision to your game. You have to choose a wedge that matches your level of experience, skills, and preference. Here are some basic things you need to consider before buying a wedge.


The first thing you have to consider is the quality of the golf wedge. A quality set of wedges can serve for a long time and let you play with ease and comfort.


The next thing is your budget. Beginners need to make a balance between the price and quality.


The loft has a direct impact on the distance the ball passes. A lower loft can hit the ball further.


Wedge bounce is one of the important factors. It is the angle created between the lowest point of the sole and the leading edge when the ball touches the ground. Proper wedge bounce gives you a controlled shot and desired ball spin.


Before buying a wedge you should try all types of wedges and hit a few balls with them. After some hands-on experience, you will get an idea of their weight and degree of flex. That will help you to choose a comfortable one for you.

What degree wedges should I have?

As a beginner, you can start with a proven approach. Usually, Pro golfers use a pitching wedge lofted between 44 and 48 degrees, a sand wedge between 54 and 56, and a lob wedge between 58 and 60. Some of them use a gap wedge loft between 51 and 54 degrees.

You can start with this approach. But you know, Golf is a game, not a theory. You have to focus on your requirement, strength, weakness, and method of playing.

 Once you start playing with golf wedges, you will start understanding the potentiality of every wedge. Then you can choose the best wedge according to your way of playing and level of experience.   

What wedges should a beginner carry?

Usually, I recommend four wedges –

  1. Pitching wedge
  2. Sand wedge
  3. Lob wedge
  4. Gap wedge

Some golfer skips the fourth one. But it gives an additional option for shots higher than pitching wedge and lower than a sand wedge. Sometimes you may see someone using the fifth wedge to play a shot of 125 yards. But is rare.

 Final thought

Practice is the key to success. To make your learning more enjoyable you have to arm yourself with the correct set of equipment.

So, try to understand your requirement and choose the best set of clubs that matches your swing speed playing strategy.