Wilson Titanium Golf Ball review

The golf ball is the maximum well-known factor in golf games. A golf ball mainly controls your performance. Your golfing scores and skill mostly depend on the ball’s spin, distance, rebound, etc.

If the ball is not correct, you will lose yet if you have more attempts than others. For this reason, we have to ensure the quality of the ball before playing golf.

There are many good-quality golf balls in the market, and the Wilson Titanium Golf Ball is the best of others. For this reason, we decided to make a Wilson Titanium Golf Ball review today.

At the time of playing, if you noticed that the golf ball is not performing as your prospect. When you hit the ball on one side, but it swings on the other side.

Its spinning is not so helpful. It is covering the yard less than it should be covered.

Do you know what the cause is? The reason is the ball is not good. If the ball is not good, it will reduce one-fourth of your ability.

To play golf, you need the best quality golf ball. But, most golfers do have not sufficient knowledge about it. The review on the Wilson Titanium golf ball helps to remove your ignorance.

The ball is best from others in all respects. It will provide you with a performance as you like.

Wilson titanium golf ball review:

Over the years, brands and manufacturers have come up with balls that are performing better than ever before. At this present time, many industries produce different kinds of golf balls.

Each of these industries and their produced ball is different from the other. It’s very confusing which ball you should prefer.

And particularly if you’re a beginner in golf, you’ll want a cheap and robust option for yourself. And you will be losing your balls one by one.

With these in mind, Wilson came up with Wilson’s titanium. It consists of solid core, that preference for beginners.

Let’s start with Wilson Titanium Golf Ball Review, and it will be helpful for you.

Features of Wilson Titanium Golf Ball:

Let’s know some of the most important features the Wilson titanium golf ball has on the table.

Core Matters

Wilson Balls divides into two-piece or two layers, one is sturdy outer, and another is the inner core. The core is created by detonating titanium, and the main components are finely ground to form a composite unit.

This titanium core is also responsible for the “tough feeling” of golf balls. It’s a soft “click sound” made by the ball due to the club’s impact, something which is charming to someone and disturbing to the others, opting for a quieter, softer feel.

More Distance, Less Spin

Wilson titanium balls maximize energy transfer and result in long, uninterrupted distances with much-reduced spin.

Here, a word of concern is that decreased spin is dreadfully undesirable for experts, matured or more experienced golfers, who require to make the ball “fly and land smoothly.”

However, short spin balls like Wilson Titanium are ideal for amateur and disabled golfers who do not want to lose focus with aiming by throwing or spinning unnecessarily.

Expert golfers clearly go for “more layers” not only two layers, as they may have better greenside control of their shots and their spins.

The noobies would help from fewer layers as yard counts are more important for them, and they’re only beginning to realize what their golfing skills really are.

Strong, Sturdy & Surlyn

Surlyn is an Ionomer resin that does not only feel firm but also plays a part. It is strong, long-lasting, and approximately more robust. It will indeed survive the cuts and scruffs of regular use, but mower lawns and Golf cart paths can damage it.

Value for Money

Wilson titanium is even more saving for money because it is cheaper than most golf balls on the market.

It is best for noobies, who can spend a little less reasonably, and actually learn the game or purchase other types of equipment.

The 18 balls set is reasonable in the sense that you have your stock ready and handy when you have the trend to lose a lot of them in ponds, woods, etc., throughout your local golf course. Plus it is cheap too!

The Balls for Noobie Golfers

This ball, however, would clearly be a big no for expert golfers who want to get a balance within their spins and distances.

There are few or almost no hooks or slices with this type, and therefore is not a favorite amongst pros and for tours.

However, for every novice and non-skilled golfer, this works just fine as they are concerned about most distances and can’t handle the spin and sidetrack too much.

Wilson titanium golf balls have almost no greenside control.


The ball cover is made of Surlyn. It is a form of the ionomer resin. Thanks to the ball, it could get enormous stability and rigidity.

That said, you should not hope it stay safe on lawn mowers or a cart path.


Wilson Titanium is great as a ball, and it comes with an incredibly affordable tag. If you want to buy another option of this quality, you have to pay twice as high.

In short, this product from Wilson is an ideal option for golf beginners who want to start their game at the lowest cost. We are sure that this ball will save you a lot of money while giving you advanced practice.


This Wilson golf ball is truly one of the best golf balls if you consider its price. This ball will provide all the advantages and all the needed features which are essential for a golfer.

If you want such a durable golf ball, that gives more bounce, and great distance, this is the right thing. If you want all these things in another ball, make sure that you have to pay double the comparison with that ball.

A big NO for professions

This golf ball will definitely go for professionals who want to get a balance between their spins and distances. There are very few or almost no hooks or slices with this golf ball, and so it is not desirable among professionals and for tours.

However, for beginner golfers and unskilled golfers, this is quite effective because they are concerned about most distances and cannot handle much of the spin and ball.

There is almost no greenside control with these balls.

Why Use a Wilson Golf Ball

Wilson Golf has played such a national role in the evolution of golf history and technology over the years.

Many of them were playing Wilson Golf Club and Wilson Staff Golf Ball after seeing some pictures of the best golf champions.

Wilson has been engaged for some of the most significant technology variations, and they have fiercely effective golf clubs over the years.

Wilson had a time when their goods fell in popularity as they tried to make them more available, But they have rediscovered themselves in recent years to get back to the roots of becoming one of the best brands on the market.

Their golf ball applied to a wide type of golfers. Regardless of your ability level or clubhead rate, Wilson has a golf ball for you.

For whom is the Ball Perfect?

If you are an expert golfer, then you should avoid this Wilson Golf Ball. This ball is made considering in mind for the novice or average golfers.

The Wilson golf ball is not proper for skilled golf players. If you are a beginner golfer, we will suggest you take this ball and pass your beginner session with it.


How many dimples on the ball?

Answer: In total, there are 432 dimples, providing it with low spin and enhanced distance from the tee.

How many balls are in a packet?

Answer: Each pack contains a total of 18 balls.

Is this proper for experts?

Answer: As you can notice above, this is clearly one for golf newbies. It can be said that it is not perfect for skilled golf players who want to balance among their distances and spins.

 In fact, little or hardly any slices or hooks are found in this ball. It is not a popular option amongst experts and for tournaments.

Conclusive Discussion:

Above all, we can hope that now you will be able to choose the right golf ball by following our Wilson titanium golf ball review.  We tried and researched a lot to explain the whole thing simply and easily.

If you have any questions, then feel free to knock us by the comment box. We will try to appreciate your queries.